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It was a Times Square celebration filled with revelers, confetti, Kathy Griffin going down on Anderson Cooper and music.

A whole lot of music.

Justin Bieber went acoustic; Hammer and Psy went Gangnam Style; Taylor Swift went red; and a trio of other artists also took to the New York City stage.

Watch Carly Rae Jepsen, Brandy and Pitbull in action at the event now:

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Lindsay Lohan just took an absolute beating in 2012.

Metaphorically mostly, although she does look worse for the wear, as we've seen in comparisons such as the one below or a look back at the Mean Girls cast then and now.

Lindsay Lohan Before and After

To the actress' credit, she was true to her word and did not get sloshed on New Year's, returning to her London hotel just before the stroke of midnight.

Unfortunately, the battle ahead looks difficult for the star.

2012 was a year that saw Lindsay ...

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How much are Justin Bieber photos worth?

For one member of the paparazzi, the answer is tragic: his life.

Justin Bieber, All White

Sources confirm to TMZ that a celebrity gossip photographer was trailing Bieber's Ferrari last night when it was pulled over for a routine traffic stop.

Upon being told by an officer to move back because his shooting pictures of the car was creating an unsafe situation, this cameraman was hit by an oncoming vehicle and killed.

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Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers have not separated after all, at least not yet, despite reports to the contrary. The duo insists they are still together.

The duo were fighting on Twitter last week and hinted at a split. Hinted may actually be putting it mildly, considering that she declared "IM SINGLE."

Courtland Rogers, Jenelle Evans

Courtland Rogers had voiced earlier concerns that the Teen Mom 2 star was back on drugs after sneaking around all night, but the coup de grace came later.

According to her husband of 28 days, the straw that broke the camel's back (or so it seemed at the time) was a late night phone call he made.

To his daughter.

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The runaway bride is now the beaming bride.

After walking out on her wedding and her groom in June 2011, Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner exchanged vows Sunday, saying "I Do" inside the 86-year old Playboy founder's iconic mansion.

Check out Crystal's Romona Keveza gown in this Twit pic:

Hugh Hefner Wedding Photo

So, what was different for the centerfold this time around?

"When the wedding didn't work out the first time, it was because of me," Harris told Us Weekly. "I needed to explore out there and take the time away [from Hef and the Mansion].

"The time away really helped make me realize that where I'm meant to be is here with Hef. Our relationship is better than it ever has been before. I'm very happy and Hef's very happy and we're excited."

Congratulations to the totally normal couple!

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Looks like Rihanna and Chris Brown celebrated New Year's together.

Under the covers.

Chris Brown, Rihanna in Bed

The controversial couple kept it low key on NYE, but couldn't pass up the chance to inform people subtly on Instagram that they woke up together the next day.

Rihanna's first message of the new year? "Good morning! Still haven't slept lol #hello2013!" She posted a picture of her eyes peering out from under a comforter.

Not just any comforter.

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What's more awkward than Kathy Griffin in a bra on live television?

Kathy Griffin simulating oral sex on Anderson Cooper during the duo's New Year's Eve coverage?

But that's exactly what CNN viewers were stuck watching Monday night, as the comedian attempted to make things as awkward as possible for her co-host throughout that network's broadcast.

"You’re scaring me,” Cooper said shortly after midnight, as Griffin kept referring to his "Christmas present." "This is getting to be the night bad things happen.”

Yes, a man who has covered tragedies in Rwanda, Lebanon and around the world was frightened by Kathy Griffin. And for good reason. Watch the vide now:

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On the heels of the Senate's last-minute fiscal cliff deal, agreement to stave off the harshest and most immediate consequences of the cliff won approval in the House.

The House voted 257-167 for it. President Barack Obama said he would sign the law, the battle over which foreshadowed more fights with Congress over spending.

Obama and Boehner Image

Passed over the objections of many conservative Republicans, the legislation takes steps toward resolving the combination of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts.

Those cuts were to take effect January 1, but the new bill preserves tax rates as they were at the end of 2012, except for those earning more than $400,000.

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Taylor Swift performed two hit songs on New Year's Eve as part of ABC's annual coverage from Times Square.

But it was the singer's non-musical performance shortly after her set that has the Internet abuzz on the first day of 2013.

That's because Swift celebrated at midnight with a certain British artist, laying a smooch on Harry Styles just as the ball dropped in New York City, a milestone captured by a fan standing nearby.

That milestone being the Swift and Styles kiss, of course, not the dropping of the iconic ball. See the love birds get to first base now:

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Kissing!

The Kiss Tweeted About Round the World was also captured on video. Scroll down and check it out:

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Oops, he did it again, folks.

Justin Bieber performed last night in Times Square, taking the famous New Year's Eve stage and revealing his slick six-pack for the world to see.

Yes, it was another Justin Bieber shirtless show for fans, as the artist belted out a version of “As Long As You Love Me” (with Big Sean) and also went acoustic for "Boyfriend."

Watch both now:

Among other New Year's Eve highlights:


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