O.J. Simpson "If I Did It" Book: Original Copy All Yours For $250K!

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An original copy of O.J. Simpson's infamous "hypothetical" confession book If I Did It has been found, and it's waiting on the auction block for you, fans.

For a quarter of a million dollars, it can all be yours.

OJ Simpson: IF I DID IT

About 400,000 copies of the despicable book were printed in 2006, but the release was canceled following a massive backlash and all copies were destroyed.

Well, almost all.

A small number apparently survived. One is at News Corporation (the original publisher), one was sold for $65K on eBay in 2007, and now this one.

It's unclear how many others are out there, but it's not a lot. For $250,000 - payable in full within 48 hours of the auction ending - it's all yours forever.

A revised version of If I Did It was printed in 2007, with added commentary from the father of one of Simpson's "alleged" murder victims, Ron Goldman.

Fred Goldman, who won a wrongful death lawsuit against O.J. on his son's behalf, sought and won the rights to the book and any subsequent earnings.

An original edition is pretty much unheard of, and for good reason, seeing as few people would want to have anything associated with that waste of space.

On a side note, here was the original title and cover for the O.J. Simpson fake confessional book before News Corp shot it down seven years ago:

OJ Book Cover

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