Nicki Minaj Storms Off American Idol Set

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The tension between American Idol judges finally spilled over last night, as Nicki Minaj got fed up with her fellow panelists' reaction to a contestant.

It all went down after Summer Cunningham tried to explain what kind of singer she wanted to be, irritating Keith Urban a bit with the comment that she "tried the country thing."

From there, Keith, Randy and Mariah peppered Cunningham about her connection to that genre, with Minaj eventually flipping out over such an ongoing analysis.

Once Jackson threw his "30 years of experience" in Nicki's face, she replied "oh, you're right. I can't help her. Maybe I should just get off the f*-cing panel," and stormed off.

As usual, the sniping overshadowed the contestant herself, considering Cunningham actually had a great voice and received a ticket to Hollywood.

But that sort of detail appears to be an afterthought in the early stages of American Idol Season 12.


Does that mean that the Christian hater is off the show? I still refuse to watch this low class show.
FYI - Remember that these are the taped, rehearsed episodes. This sinking ship will do almost anything for ratings. What next? Will they bring the disrespectful lip syncher on as a judge?

@ joenamherst

Christian hater?


I wish no-talent Nicki would storm out the front door and not come back.

@ agmom04

Nicki Minaj is not that talented she sounds like a screeching bird. I for one also wish that she would just quit.... She is a no talent, fake person.


I once loved this program but have not watched the last two seasons. I now watch The Voice.


Wow they just made me feel so uncomfortable. If I were the contestant I would've been feeling pretty awkward up there waiting for the fight to be over. I think they were very rude to the contestant and that they acted like children!

@ Sarahb

That contestant should have started singing something really random to get their attention.

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