Nicki Minaj Storms Off American Idol Set

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The tension between American Idol judges finally spilled over last night, as Nicki Minaj got fed up with her fellow panelists' reaction to a contestant.

It all went down after Summer Cunningham tried to explain what kind of singer she wanted to be, irritating Keith Urban a bit with the comment that she "tried the country thing."

From there, Keith, Randy and Mariah peppered Cunningham about her connection to that genre, with Minaj eventually flipping out over such an ongoing analysis.

Once Jackson threw his "30 years of experience" in Nicki's face, she replied "oh, you're right. I can't help her. Maybe I should just get off the f*-cing panel," and stormed off.

As usual, the sniping overshadowed the contestant herself, considering Cunningham actually had a great voice and received a ticket to Hollywood.

But that sort of detail appears to be an afterthought in the early stages of American Idol Season 12.


why is nikki minaj on american idol? she dresses worst than a circus clown,she talks through her nose,and she is ftraight ghetto. the show won't last with her on it. you need sunglasses to block out all those weird clothes she wears.

@ lolita

U can talk about her ....but she still getting payed and not working a 9till5.


Every time I see Nicki on tv somewhere she has this holier than thou attitude. I don't like her at all. The fake accents, Oh please, I The stupid wigs and outfits. omg! She a little drama queen and she argues with everyone. She hasn't been famous all that long and has the audacity to ridicule a more famous person. Who does she think she is. I hope they kick her off the show, I can't stand her rolling her eyes and snide remarks that come out of her mouth. She needs to step off her high horse and she might learn something. She's a phony ! I don't even want to watch the show because of her. Just my opinion and really don't care if no one else agrees with me or not.

Kellie m

This is old news. TMZ reported it months ago. Catch up THG. That said, it wasn't cute at all. Nicki seems to think that it is the Nicki Minaj show. She thinks she is the MC. She is such a freaking diva. Mariah seems to take it in stride pretty much. I wish someone (Randy) would tell her to stfu and act like a normal person. And what's with that accent? Where is she from? Sounds like some weird Valley girl accent.

@ Kellie M

Thank you , it's not just me then. Wheeew ! lol


Please get rid of ghetto girl so i can watch it!


Long-time watcher of AI and feel that, whether or not Minaj had a point, the other judges do also. Minaj's walking out was childish - if you disagree, do so in a controlled manner - not like a spoiled brat.


For once I agree with Nicki... Summer had a great voice so what does it matter what comment about her musical tastes , she makes? They are supposed to judge the singing ability ..period!! Kieth seemed insulted, and Randy acted like his usual , pompous ass, full-of-himself, know-it-all, self.


I say, keep walking.

Avatar's just a tv show. I think Nikki is hilarious..I love the show..if you don't..flip the simple is that?


This is a train wreck waiting to happen

@ Guest

Nicki has been a train wreck since she learned to speak.


Who cares? Less and less people are watching this show anyway,. I know real die hards who aren't watching anymore. This Micki or Nicki is a total joke. The only normal one is Keith. Shut the show down.....

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