Nicki Minaj Storms Off American Idol Set

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The tension between American Idol judges finally spilled over last night, as Nicki Minaj got fed up with her fellow panelists' reaction to a contestant.

It all went down after Summer Cunningham tried to explain what kind of singer she wanted to be, irritating Keith Urban a bit with the comment that she "tried the country thing."

From there, Keith, Randy and Mariah peppered Cunningham about her connection to that genre, with Minaj eventually flipping out over such an ongoing analysis.

Once Jackson threw his "30 years of experience" in Nicki's face, she replied "oh, you're right. I can't help her. Maybe I should just get off the f*-cing panel," and stormed off.

As usual, the sniping overshadowed the contestant herself, considering Cunningham actually had a great voice and received a ticket to Hollywood.

But that sort of detail appears to be an afterthought in the early stages of American Idol Season 12.


so nice moves


If you'd all listened to what Nicki had to say instead of judging her with your own prejudices you would have realised that she was making perfect sense here - while the others were shouting her down! I don't blame her for walking off.


This is the worst year for a.i. I watched it for half an hour and couldnt take anymore. Although i love keith urban, he is just not good for this show. Mariah has no judging skills and acts so phony and makes it known she has no education. Randy is randy. Nicki acts like a know it all who doesnt know shit! hopefully the ratings go down down down so they get rid of them all!


When you are that ugly and look like a freak... you have to get attention some way. Walking off stage was micki's way!!

Autumn jarrell

Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of her music!!! I love listen to it. But she is rude and obnoxious in person. Its not cool to make fun of people. It makes her look like a complete bitch. The whole ms. Prissy I'm top shirt attitude of hers gets really old. Your suppoSe to be a role model for people. AND THE WAY YOUR ACTING MAKES PEOPLE NOT LIKE YOU.


I like her, can't help it, she has been sweet, encouraging and kind to every contestant - Mariah does not have it in her to be that nice to people, and Keith is boring as hell. Actually it's sort of funny to watch Mariah trying to copy Nicki now, since she has no personality of her own.....


She shoulda stormed off that show long ago... and STAYED OFF!! Whatever class JLO brought to this sinking ship has totally sunk now with her. If you fire her, there will still be 3 decent judges. THEN I'll Watch!!

@ lola

JLo brought class? When? When she was exposing herself every other week? When she was shamelessly promoting her albums or when she was rolling around on the floor half naked with the boy toys? Please.


She is opinionated. But, if she wants to be smarter and more successful, she really should listen to those who have more experience that she does. They are Mariah Carey, who came out famous since 1990, Randy Jackson, and maybe Keith Urban. Nicki Minaj needs to wake up and realize that she is not all of that. If she continues with the egotistical attitude, she is going to fall flat.


Nicki u r right and don't back down.randy we just learn u exist so just lay back in joy the ride.


When you need to drum up that much drama to have people tune in to watch a show, it's not going to be much longer before they are replacing that show with something else. The whole Nicki and Mariah dueling diva BS will be the end of this show. Thank God because it ran it's course about 5 years ago...

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