Mel Gibson's 57th Birthday is Today

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Mel Gibson celebrates another birthday today. The oft-troubled actor is 57.

The movie legend has experienced quite a free fall in the last 5-6 years.

Hopefully, 2013 is a better, happier, quieter 12-month period for ol' Mel.

Good Old Mel

To say his image has taken a hit is putting it mildly. But images can be rehabilitated with effort and sincerity - and simple, relative calm. No news is often good news.

We'd like nothing more than to forget the DUI arrest, the alleged anti-Semitic views, and Mel Gibson's insane rants against Oksana Grigorieva and Joe Eszterhas.

The question is whether he'll ever let us.

With any luck (and a little counseling), Mel, who's been linked to Ashley Cusato or late, will right the angry ship and remind us why he became a film icon.

Happy birthday, big guy.


'Stars' are retiring in primetime, Spielberg
says things are imploding, franchise slums
choke the land - - - Mel Gibson, who is the last man standing,
should outflank one and all, by directing the
definitive epic treatment of the now awesomely
relevant ---yet unfolding--- Globalism and RED China
and EUGENICS 'unfriendly' -------KOREAN WAR.


I think Mel Gibson is awsome he acted and directed some of the best movies I've seen he's got heart and that's what might have got him into trouble but he's just human like us I'm sure we've all said something we know we shouldn't have after a few drinks and we've all also has women trouble I believe with a little counseling he will be all right he's a very smart person and deserves to be recognized for that he's done a lot of good and people shouldn't judge him for his mistakes we have all made them


Mel Gibson is a coward, and I don't think Mel Gibson will ever fight zodiac/Jeff up the street. I don't think Mel Gibson will fight Kimbo Slice because less all the women on t.v. are for Rudy Ramos not Mel Gibson. I will not give Mel Gibson one if don't deserve it. Rudy Ramos is best friends with Jeff Shipley not zodiac almost twin, so I don't want to hear Mel Gibson claim knows what the next day will birth to. I don't appreciate attack Rudy Ramos all the time with sherieff because less your not suppose to tell Rudy Ramos you get $400.00 Mel Gibson suppose to give gift and save speach spineless man will not give gift 10 feet across the street because less.


I feel bad for him, he is in my prayers


His best movie was The Edge of Darkness. It got lost somewhere in all that scandal. But he stepped out of character was really good in that movie.


Happy Birthday Mel Gibson. A New Year and a New Beginning, a wish for God's love to you and forgiveness from others. (Let he without sin cast the first stone). Hope this will be a year for everyone to Celebrate, prosper and show kindness.


Happy Birthday Mel Gibson!! The Greatest Guy ever! I dotn think that Mel Gibson has much inpaxct on wether we can forget this or not. Its at the media to stop wanting to make money on lies and on reharshing old stuff and specialy stop at presenting it as if it was true when it isnt, and stop twisting things so we get only one view: a negativ one.
But for that to happen those tabloid wil have to want to stop to make money on destroying the life and carreer of people who actualy worked over 30 years to build it, doing real job and creating things enjoyed by milions and giving jobs to hundreds thousands of people. The compleete oposite than what tabloid does.. as they take jobs form others, make people lose their job, destroy artists career, promote nobodies and create figures hwo never work in their life and who are known for being known, and spread lies, like summer spread fire over CA.
A very nasty mentality and behaviour and a seriously sick cultujre is what they breed and it should stop.

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