Lindsay Lohan, The Canyons Rejected By Sundance Film Festival!

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The producers of Lindsay Lohan's upcoming indie film The Canyons are flat out stunned that the movie has been rejected by The Sundance Film Festival.

Obviously, they believe the snub is largely Lindsay's fault.

Sundance originally reached out to producers to screen the movie at the annual event, and The Canyons producers were led to believe it was a lock.

Not the case. Sundance passed, reason not given.

Producers believe - and not unreasonably - that the about-face may be due to their troubled star and the negative attention she brings to ... well, anything.

The Canyons producer, Braxton Pope, insists he is having a screening for buyers this month and that a number of major companies are interested.

The movie, starring Lohan and porn star James Deen, is a "contemporary L.A. noir" from director Paul Schrader, writer Bret Easton Ellis, and Pope.

It's about the dangers of sexual obsession and ambition, both personally and professionally, among a group of young people in their 20's ... typecasting lives!

But seriously though, "one chance meeting connected to the past unravels all of their lives, resulting in deceit, paranoia, mind games and violence."

Will The Canyons be a breakout hit? Or will Lindsay Lohan go to jail and ruin everything? Or would that actually increase the audience for the film?

Only time will tell, THGers.


Yikes. i entered REM sleep during that 3-hour "finding my smartphone" excercise, and no amount of synth-pad underscore could awaken me.
Deen is doing his stale Brazzers/Kinkdotcom schtick- playing-acting tough boy and roughing up women before sex. Calling him an "actor" is like continuing to label Sasha Grey an "intellectual". Lindsay looks like an extra in the Walking Dead, and is overacting like 1st semester Stella Adler. But pity poor old Paul Schrader- a legendary career, but late middle age sees him falling into the "pornstars are inherently cool" kool-aid. Paul, let Soderburgh continue to wallow in that hipster cesspool- you've got bigger things to do.


Ok. we all make mistakes. i go see a movie because of the plot and the acting, not because of what those individuals do in their private lives, granted i do have limits...if you kill...i m not going to see your movie. If sundance rejected the movie due to acting and plot, then ok. But if the rejection was due to an actors private behavior where really she alone suffers the consequences, then i think it was a big mistake.


I think the movie looks good.
I don't care if the actor was a porn star.
His performance seemed ok.
Problems/issues happen when a female porn actress is used related to image/background/stability negatives from these women.
BTW dad Lohan is a true horror.


no talent has been drunk crackwhore now low end hooker mybe you can do theater in jail


The reason this film likely was rejected by Sundance was the no talent performance by the porn star lead, James Deen, not Lindsay. Attempting to legitimize porn actors seems to be a new craze in Hollywood these days. Although Soderbergh failed miserably with GFE, It's likely their own ego that emboldens these directors/writers/producers who by these failed efforts proclaim, "I'm so good, I can make anyone look like they can act!" This simply diminishes the craft for all artists involved, including themselves. In truth, the troubled yet talented Lohan deserves better. Next time Schrader, Ellis, and Pope, if they get a next time, should really be brave, bold and edgy and try a few Kardashians along with someone from The Bachelor.

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