Lindsay Lohan is a High-Class Escort, Michael Lohan Actually Says

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Lindsay Lohan is an actual, high-class escort who pays her bills by dating rich men, according to a new report ... using quotes from her father, Michael Lohan.

Just when you think you've heard everything.

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Desperate for money, the troubled actress has, celebrity gossip site Radar Online claims, begun offering up her "services" as a professional escort.

Bolstering this claim? None other than her dear ol' dad.

“She is getting paid to date rich men,” Michael Lohan said of his 26-year-old daughter. “Dina (Lindsay’s mother) is pimping her out ... it’s disgusting!”

MiLo isn't the only one dishing on her alleged new profession.

“The dates last for days, and the guys pay for everything - hotel, travel costs, food, whatever - as well as jewelry and other gifts,” someone close to her revealed.

No one is suggesting that Lohan is doing anything more than act as arm candy for rich playboys who like to be seen with beautiful and famous women.

However, that's definitely the implication of an "escort."

One of Lindsay’s most high profile clients? A man who is third in line to the throne of Brunei, a small country in Southeast Asia: Prince Haji Abdul Azim.

A billionaire playboy who loves American celebrities, he allegedly paid Lindsay a whopping $100,000 to join him in London for a New Year’s celebration.

Wealthy Spanish-American painter Domingo Zapata is another client who reportedly supported the troubled actress for much longer than a holiday.

“Domingo let Lindsay live in his penthouse at the Bowery Hotel in NYC for free and at his L.A. pad at Chateau Marmont [for months],” says one of his confidantes.

“They’re both super swanky," the source said, adding that there's no way a broke Lindsay Lohan could’ve afforded either of those trips on her own.

What do you think: Is Lindsay a hooker?


Her best acting job yet! Low end hooker wash the orange cracken


Does anyone know how one can go about hiring her for an up coming bachelor party? Be fun taking turns f_cking her with my buds.

@ Paul

Do you have $100,000 for each "bud"? Sounds like that's her fee. If you don't have that kind of cash not gonna happen.


No surprise! How much worse can she get? TRASHY LITTLE GIRL. Just hope she don't get pregnant! It's sad cause if I was famous and the my dad was saying this about me and I did what she has done in the past... I believe I would want to change. I don't understand her at all. Why would she want to go out of her house knowing everyone in the world knows about her and what she has and is doing. I would never want that kind of attention! She is just trash and will always be! GET A LIFE




I agree with you there !


I would love to do her. I think she is sexy!! She probably does anything you want!!!

@ rich

You are not Rich enough... pun intended !


If you wade into the histories of most celebrities, both male and female, you will learn they too are just like Lohan. Many were strippers (Catherine Zeta-Jones) or even porn stars (Clint Eastwood, Sly Stallone). Hollywood makes desperate whores of everyone. So next time you hear one of these Hollywood super stars endorsing someone for president or other public office realize what kind of person it is your listening to. Their credibility is no better than your own and probably not as valuable as any other prostitute or street person.

@ tripps

Catharine zeta jones was a stripper and clint eastwood was a porn star????? who told you this?

@ sonia

A simple Google search would have told you its true. In fact Jones has come out and said all the money she made stripping went to a nose job.
Zellweger was also a cocktail waitress in a strip club before her break on McGuire.
Other notables
Brad Pitt. Channing Tatum, lady gaga, Carmen Electra, Courtney love, eve.


I think she is capable of escorting but the client would have to be desperate. She used to be so beautiful before all the parties and surgery. Her recent acting is kind of blah too. I just pray for her and still love all her movies post Paris Hilton. She should have never hung
out with that whatever she is. But I am also sure Paris has turned out many others...(Brittney Spears) Paris is an friend. But karmas a b*#%@! Maybe Paris is good now but it will come. Ms. Lohan, hang in there and remember who You are or were.


But he is right, fucking have some dignity for yourself


Its no great surprise that she is a call girl and her father, obviously disgusted with what she is doing saying something about it is no surprise either. If I were her father Id be upset too. On the other hand, is he worth the money for "the date"? I doubt it but still wouldn't mind a shot at her. lol Prostitution shud be legal but reasonable health controls in place and mandatory. The amount of money a prostitute can demand shudnt have be more restrictions than what an individual CEO of a corporation can demand. If you really compare them, there's no difference over all.

@ tripps

shes a horrible disgusting human being.


stop bullying

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