Lil Twist: Bringing Down Justin Bieber?

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While fans and critics continue to react to this week's leaking of Justin Bieber pot pictures, let's take a moment here to divert attention from this young singer...

... and focus it instead of a 19-year old rapper named Lil Twist.

Lil Twist Picture

Sources close to Bieber tell TMZ that Twist has grown extremely close to the artist, which is raising a number of red flags for Bieber's management team.

It was Twist, after all, who was driving Justin's Ferrari earlier in the week when it was pulled over by police, an incident that indirectly led to the death of a paparazzo.

Considering Twist's Instagram profile photo depicts him smoking marijuana, and that he's tight with controversial star Lil Wayne, many fear that the Lil one is leading Bieber down a dangerous path.

Twist was allegedly in the hotel room with Bieber when the scandalous pot photos were snapped, with insiders claiming he was rolling blunts for everyone at the party.

So, what do you think? Should Justin distance himself from Lil Twist?

And how do you feel about Bieber smoking pot?


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Who care it just weed


Yes um allergic to vocals.Do u hv a problem?


Oh my god guys, stop pulling the victim of racism card. If it was a white pothead who was sketchy, I'm sure the reaction would be no different. Chill out.

@ Annie

Yea right. Give blaming people for Justin action. If Justin was black u would have call him a thug and moved on.

@ Annie

Oh my God Annie, stop trying to justify. It would be different. Go back to your sheltered cul-de-sac ya white fairy coochie puta.


R u pretendin not to know Lil twist/wayne?.this are biggest names in music nd I dnt hv to tel u that.

@ Loveallrace

They can't be the biggest names in music, they'd have to produce actual music to achieve that. And no, "lil Twist" is not that big in the overall industry right now. Maybe in his own genre, but not nationwide. Also are you allergic to vowels or what?


Never heard of Lil Twist, can't stand the other one, don't care.


if the young boy wants to ruin is life and start taking weeds and drugs it is his choice, but it is one to to make a choice and another to make the right choice, anyway WHATEVER.


Blame it on the black guy. Really?!


JB has been smoking weed long before that party and his management team knows he has been smoking weed for years and has been doing other drugs as well long before Twist and Lil Wayne.
So everyone thinks that JB's management team is trying to stop JB from smoking weed not true his team smokes to they are just mad that they weren't invited LOL.
Enough said his been busted and his fans know the truth about him but just like every crime he has done so far he will get no charges for it like others have from just a picture of them doing drug's.


U guys thinks its big deal BC lil is black what it was with brad Pitt who also smokes BUD