Lil Twist: Bringing Down Justin Bieber?

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While fans and critics continue to react to this week's leaking of Justin Bieber pot pictures, let's take a moment here to divert attention from this young singer...

... and focus it instead of a 19-year old rapper named Lil Twist.

Lil Twist Picture

Sources close to Bieber tell TMZ that Twist has grown extremely close to the artist, which is raising a number of red flags for Bieber's management team.

It was Twist, after all, who was driving Justin's Ferrari earlier in the week when it was pulled over by police, an incident that indirectly led to the death of a paparazzo.

Considering Twist's Instagram profile photo depicts him smoking marijuana, and that he's tight with controversial star Lil Wayne, many fear that the Lil one is leading Bieber down a dangerous path.

Twist was allegedly in the hotel room with Bieber when the scandalous pot photos were snapped, with insiders claiming he was rolling blunts for everyone at the party.

So, what do you think? Should Justin distance himself from Lil Twist?

And how do you feel about Bieber smoking pot?


Justin needs to stay away from these bad boy rappers. Lil Twist and Lil Wayne are a bad influence on him. Justin get it together and focus on positive people who have good values!!!


I don't think it's wise to hang out with people who are doing drugs if you want to stay clean but Justin is old enough to decide if he wants to do drugs, it isn't anyone fault if he so chooses to do it. I love when people blame someone else.


Here goes another Drama from the the hollywood a-list just to let everybody knows nobody in this world is perfect....Every single body in this wounderul world makes mistakes ...So i hope Justin you will pick up the pieces and continue with what you r suppose to be doing.All the Best


Stop acting like your from the ghettos


Who the fuck is lil twist? A wannabe rapper I'm guessing


I'm sorry...was Justin Beiber an innocent little baby Jesus? Who's to say he isn't a little weed head douche who corrupts the other people around him? He pays people in PR to create some illusion of what people think he should be to sell records to stupid little girls who's ginies tingle when they see him. I'm sure he's just another entitled little cunt who thinks he's untouchable. His PR team probably released this on purpose to toughen up his image now that he's 18. I'm sure the other kid is paid to hang around him for image. Weak ass litte Canadian twats won't sell records into their twenties, especially when their testicles won't descend.


What da fuck is wrong YMCMB niggas?you roll with Weezy F or Wiz khalifa its all weed weed weed more weed

@ Thomas Segolame T-pizzy Mabena

Lol !!!


When kids do wrong, don't blame their actions on their friends. Blame them and make them own up to their mistakes. If we blaim lil twist this kid will always blaim people for his mistakes and problems.


Who cares what this little twat does. Keep on buying his weak ass shit music for your dumb ass kids and keep lining his tiny pockets.

@ Duh

hey duh, sorry name sounds like the size of your brian.

@ bruce

Shut up Batman.


Everybody keeps blaming Lil twist for the choices a grown and ich Justin B. is doing, it is not his fault for the decisions Justin makes plus I am sure Justin has other friends that smoke. He'll his father looks like a pothead. He probably was the one who influenced Lil twist or is that so hard for you bite folks to believe.

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