LeAnn Rimes Slams Brandi Glanville, "Ridiculous, One-Sided" Feud

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LeAnn Rimes is opening up about her feud with Eddie Cibrian's ex, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville, calling it ridiculous and one-sided.

"It's a very one-sided war," she told Entertainment Tonight.

"Actually, it's funny. I write things sometimes that I end up erasing because I just need to write it to get it out. And then I'm like, 'I really should not post that.' At least I have a filter."

The feud between the two women, which began with Rimes and Cibrian's affair that broke up both of their marriages in 2009, has been in overdrive lately.

Things heated up in November when Rimes referred to Eddie's two sons with Cibrian as "[my] boys." The next day, Brandi Glanville came back at her, tweeting:

"Someone is trying 2 get under my skin by calling MY children 'her boys' Sooo transparent! They R MY boys, Eddie's Boys and ur step-sons ... 4 now."

LeAnn's response was similar to what she expressed at the time.

Calling it "pretty ridiculous" and explaining that she was just expressing how much she cares. "My heart overflows with love for those two boys," she said.

Mason, 9, and Jake, 5, are "with us half the time. I am never going to let a child walk into my house and not feel the love that they feel at their mom's house."

While that's perfectly reasonable and almost certainly true, did she also publicize it on Twitter to get in a dig at Brandi? That we will never truly know.

In any case, it's been a wild couple of years for Rimes.

LeAnn and Eddie met in 2009 and had an affair while they were both married to other people (Cibrian to Glanville and Rimes to Dean Sheremet).

Rimes and Cibrian wed in April 2011.

Given their history, LeAnn admits she worries - or at least has worried - that Eddie will cheat on her too. She'd be lying if she said she didn't, she confessed.

Choose your side:


I hope Brandi will learn she just needs to let it go. From what we've recently heard, she's obviously much better off without the ex.


I agree with you Dina well said.


I am not a fan of LeAnn. She's supposed to be an adult yet she seems to be acting childish.Not exactly a good role model for her stepsons. Eventually some other woman will catch Eddies eye and she will know what it feels like to have vows broken. She needs to grow up and stop being a drama queen.


Someone needs to get this girl on some Meds stat. I had no idea just how mean spirited and insane she is until I saw this interview.


You're both Tramps...and remember...Once a cheater, always a cheater...they just get better at it...and you're day will come..


Eddie needs to stand up and be a man and put a stop to all this bickering between them. This shit has gone on long enough between LeAnn and Brandi. Shit happens deal with it and move on. He's sitting on his ass and letting them whine and bitch over shit that can't be changed. Brandi needs to get the hell over it and deal with the fact he cheated and left her ass. LeAnn just happen to be the last one and got caught with him, I'm willing to bet she wasn't the 1st one he cheated with. Get the hell over it, it's old news now.


LeAnn lives in a make believe world. She has no right to refer to those kids as her boys. She's an insecure immature girl. The marraige will likely end...serves them both right...


To me, Brandi needs to focus on something else if she wants to stay relevant because eventually there won't be anything left for her to milk where this affair is concerned. God bless you and her always!!! Holly in East Tennessee


Busybody - do you realize that Brandi was married to Eddie and THEN Eddie and LeeAnn had an affair. I'm pretty sure that would make most married people unhappy - their spouse cheating on them. However, for LeeAnn to pretend to be "the bigger person" - is just disgusting.

@ NC

LeAnn is full of crap. She knows she purposely puts little digs on twitter to annoy Brandi as well.


I think that ship sailed when she messed with her husband. Those aren't her children...they're Brandi's. LeeAnn and Eddie ruined things....now, pay the piper.

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