Lance Armstrong on Performance Enhancing Drug Use: YES

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Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

That was the word that came flowing out of Lance Armstrong's mouth in his much-hyped sit-down with Oprah Winfrey tonight, as the disgraced cyclist admitted in multiple one-word answers that YES, he used performance enhancing drugs in all seven Tour de France races he won.

From EPO to testosterone, cortisone and human growth hormone, Armstrong confirmed that he took it all, despite numerous brazen and bullying denials over the years.

Why come clean now?

"That is the best question," he replied. "It's the most logical question. ... I will start my answer by saying that this is too late. It's too late for probably most people, and that's my fault. I viewed this situation as one big lie that I repeated a lot of times, and as you said, it wasn't as if I just said no and I moved off it."

Admitting he's a "flawed character," Armstrong said "all the blame here falls on me," adding a qualifier:

"But behind that picture and behind that story is momentum. Whether it's fans or whether it's the media... it just gets going. And I lost myself in all of that. I'm sure there would be other people that couldn't handle it, but I certainly couldn't handle it, and I was used to controlling everything in my life. I controlled every outcome in my life."

Armstrong went to deny the USADA's classification of his program as the most "sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping" campaign in sports history.

"It definitely was professional, and it was definitely smart, if you can call it that, but it was very conservative, very risk-averse, very aware of what mattered," he said. "One race mattered for me. But to say that that program was bigger than the East German doping program in the '70s and '80s? That's not true."

So, where do you now stand on Lance Armstrong? Do you forgive his drug use?


Lance said this was a process and it will be. He came clean when his whole world tumbled down. The truth of who he really is will be told as time passes. Interesting how much admiration he had for his first wife. It seems he still loves and now appreciates her. He hardly spoke of his current relationship.


My son had two sports heroes growing up, Lance Armstrong and Jose Canseco, it makes me sad that both of them have been disgraced.


Avon Mustafa(hey, that name is in Lion King)..Jesus Christ is good. GOD is good. And this is America!! And Jesus said, Of us it is required to I forgive Lance Armstrong..his hame will always be famous!! Not infamous, but famous....if you like bike riding!!


So what he lied and cheated don't 95% of society to get ahead. Every wealthy person is tainted! I don't view him any different than I viewed him before. None is good but ALLAH GOD! I have no expectations of people! Akhi Mustafa


all the athletes do it. it's sooo wrong. sports are not what they used to be. when will oprah ever GO AWAY? good grief....

@ meg

I love Oprah..i wish Ricki Lake, Katie Couric would go away but not Oprah!! Art Moore needs to be fired from ABC and Kelly and Mike need way cooler guests!! Than the leftovers from talk that Letterman has on!!


i usedd to stick up for him. i thought people were just jealous. i am really disappointed.


Oprah is looking for ratings on more than basic cable which people that may tune in do not have. Lance, lol,a little too late................See ya both later..............

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