Lady Gaga Responds to Sharon Osbourne, Defends Kelly Osbourne Facebook Criticism

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The Mother Monster has spoken, and she is not backing down.

In the latest chapter of the Lady Gaga-Kelly Osbourne feud, the "Born This Way" singer defended her previous statements amidst an attack from Kelly's mom Sharon.

The Ga Ga
Kelly Osbourne, Purple Hair

Gaga lambasted Kelly Osbourne's "bullying" of celebrities on E!'s Fashion Police, encouraging her in an open letter to make the world kinder, not more negative.

In response, Sharon Osbourne slammed Gaga on Facebook, telling the singer to stop being self-righteous and engaging in hypocritical bullying behavior.

What did Gaga have to say about that?

"The 'real world' can be cruel, why not try to change it into a better place?" Gaga wrote, reiterating her previous point and stating simply, "I am an activist."

"My letter to Kelly Osbourne was open, because her statements on cyber-bullying were public & as a youth activist I'm compelled to be involved."

"Nobody takes adolescents seriously, I do."

Kelly, meanwhile, has been detailing death threats and other verbal assaults that she often received from Gaga’s fans, collectively referred to as "little monsters."

"They've said I should kill myself, that they hope I get raped," she told UK's Fabulous.

"I mean, it's crazy but I've had this all my life and I just try and ignore it."

Gaga said that's the whole point - as a bullying victim herself, Kelly should realize the impact hurtful words have and set a better example as a celebrity.

Unmoved, Gaga wrote the younger Osbourne, "To see you blossoming into a beautiful slender woman who makes fun of others for a living is astounding."

"Why not help others?"

Choose your side:


Sharon Osbourne is obviously a right wing rascist. Go home!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't understand why so many people are on Lady Gaga's 'side' for this one. Kelly made some comments to say she was being cyber bullied the most by little monsters (saying she should die, etc.), then Lady Gaga kinda just blasted her for teasing celebrities on Fashion Police, which is oh so wrong. Gaga has "empathy" for Kelly, but didn't say that what her fans are doing is mean or hypocritical of the message she's trying to send.
Not to mention that her open letter was a very public dressing down written by her and her mother; it seemed a bit unwarranted. No wonder Sharon responded personally to such an attack.
Ah well, celebrities think they make the world go 'round.


Yeah, bullying is wrong. Kelly is critiquing fashion. Gaga's fans telling Kelly to kill herself is BULLYING.


The problem with Gaga is that she's about two years behind. Kelly hasn't said a negative word about Christina for that long. Joan has, but Kelly hasn't. And what Kelly did say two years ago was right on. I'm a Christina and Kelly fan, but Christina rode Kelly's butt hard when Kelly was heavy. Now Kelly is slim and Christina is heavy, and it's her turn to take the hits. And again, it isn't Kelly saying it. It's Joan Rivers saying it. Take it up with her - if you dare!!!


I totally agree with Lady Gaga. Kelly says she was a victim of bullying her whole life, yet she sits on a show and makes fun of people for a living? Wrong. And her and her Mom act like they are better than everyone. Maybe they should look in the mirror.

@ De

Critiquing people's fashions isn't the same as bullying. Bullying is elementary, middle and high school; critiquing is adult. Get with it!!!


I think that if you sit and criticize people for a living, what you call being fashion police, you should know that people will not always take comments made about celebs nicely. Also Sharon and Kelly are personally attacking lady Gaga for her costumes and being an artist. To say that Sharon osbourne can criticize Lady Gaga she needs to take a hard look at her and her family lives. They totally are not artists that their fans should look up to. Get real ladies These are costumes that an artist is using not a way of life. Lady Gaga also can not control what people say or do just like you can't Sharon, you are trying to make a scape goat out of her for gun control.
Get a life! Lady Gaga is the better person her! Grow up Sharon!

@ Mj

Perhaps you aren't old enough to remember this, but Christina Aguillera said awful things about Kelly when they were both young. Terrible Terrible things!
But it was all dead and over until Gaga stirred it all up again.
Joan Rivers has said plenty about Christina's current weight and appearance; that's her job. But Kelly hasn't said a thing about Christina for a couple of years; she doesn't have to. Joan is doing it quite well and nothing more needs to be said when Joan gets done.


I don't like lady ga gu at all.
she's indeed a sickmaking hypocritical who slams america!!


And GagGag, if you want to make the world a nicer place, how about just being yourself instead of constantly re-creating yourself through the costumes you fearfully hide the REAL you under.


Kelly hasn't been the one bullying on Fashion Police since she took so much heat for saying Aguillera is fat although Aguillera certainly tossed that word at her often enough when Kelly was younger. Since then, it's been Joan doing the bullying, and that's Joan's schtick, so Gaga - get over it. Everything Gaga does is for attention, and I believe this is for attention too.

@ Frogmore

Kelly started the feud back in 2002.


I do not like it either, however, in this case I will defend Lady Gaga, Kelly Osbourne because already happening. Not the first time that Kelly Osbourne blasts a celebrity, and it seems that this is his only talent along with the name of father live. I find pathetic this family, ie, the father is famous and everyone to live the story ..... I will give advice to this family of parasites and is set to work in earnest and leave others alone.

@ anonymus

You must be joking. Sharon is the brains and the engine in that family. Without her, all of Ozzy's talent would have been for naught because he'd have drunk and drugged himself into a sleeping spot on a park bench by now. Kelly too has a very talented voice and is very talented as a fashion icon and adviser. Seems like it's time you brought yourself up-to-date pal. Everyone in the Osbourne family works, and works hard - and none of them has to put on stupid costumes to get attention so they can do so.

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