Lady Gaga on ARTPOP: Weed-Free Album!

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Lady Gaga will do anything for the sake of art. And pop.

Even give up marijuana to ensure perfect recordings.

Lady Gaga, Topless Weed

Never one to be shy about her obsession for pot (see video of Lady Gaga smoking weed onstage), she says ARTPOP will not be produced under its influence.

"No weed on Artpop. No," Gaga revealed in a chat with fans last week ... at least not in the studio. "Weed in the bathtub though. Hahaha," she joked.

Hey, you gotta do what works. All work and no play, that whole thing. Gaga's Christmas tweet further revealed her love for the sticky-icky ... and Mariah Carey.

"I'm listening to @MariahCarey's Christmas album dancing in my room with my weed xmas sweater," she shared. "All I need now is my box wine #bestdayever."

Hopefully she decided to make cake like Lady Gaga makes cake later that day.

When she's not professing her love for pot, Gaga is gearing up to resume the latest leg of her Born This Way Ball tour, kicking off January 11 in Vancouver.

As for ARTPOP, the new record, she says it's "very risky," and is expected to drop later this year. It's a definite highlight of our 2013 music preview!

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This article didnt even state that Gaga gave up pot lol. She just said the album wouldnt be created under the influence of pot. Meaning she would be sober when writing the songs. She didnt say anything about recording the songs while high, and she said weed in the bathtub, I do not think that was a joke lol. Nice to know she smokes the herb but at the same time, she is a devil woman. An Illuminati puppet. Those types of EVIL do not deserve to smoke or consume God's gift!


Sorry, I just lost some respect for Lady Gaga.

@ Haley Lynn McKenzie

Yeah really, I thought she was smarter than that. All artists know you can still sing really really well while smoking pot, it doesnt affect your vocal cords the same way.