Lady Gaga Wears Machine Gun Bra: A Step Too Far?

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Lady Gaga is always one to spark controversy, but this, even for her, is outrageous. Her explosive fashion choice has many folks questioning its appropriateness.

At one point during her show in Vancouver, Canada, on Friday, Mother Monster stepped out sporting a bra adorned with two fake plastic assault rifles.

Just one day earlier, V.P. Joe Biden met with Congress and the NRA about how to curb gun violence in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school massacre.

Wonder what Kelly Osbourne would have to say about this if she hadn't quashed her beef with Gaga. Does it send the right message - even if she intends it to?

What do you think of Gaga's machine gun bra? Vote below!


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Ok, then let's get rid of all the shows, movies, and videogames that have guns in them and lets get rid of the second ammendment. Make up your mind, America! Either ban guns altogether or allow them in non-life threatening, legal ways.


As creatively think out side the box sort of artist she truly is would think after considering all the tragic deaths like in Connecticut and their mourning families, that its just not a good time now to wear anything to do with such a controversial topics .


That's been part of her concert since she started touring a year ago!


What is it with this b...? Why does she always have the need to offend somebody? That is not freedom of expression, that is just a tacky, tasteless and desperate scream for attention. Get some talent you ho.

@ Cesar

This news report is stupid because she used that Bra in the BTW ball since APRIL 2012 when the tour began 9 months ago. Jesus they are a bit slow on the uptake. LOL

@ John

Wow,you just got read from head to toe.

@ Cesar

Get talent? She has more talent than anyone in the music industry, why don't you actually watch all her videos and performances before you start talking shit bigot

@ Cesar

It goes with her performance of Alejandro, how about before you say something to negative you watch her music video and STFU