Kris Jenner Divorce War: Getting Nasty!

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While the Kim Kardashian pregnant news may have reality TV's First Family putting on a giddy face in public, the latest issue of Star alleges that life is getting ugly behind the scenes.

Yes, the Bruce and Kris Jenner divorce may soon be a reality, according to this tabloid, and the case is bound to turn nasty.

According to imaginary inside tabloid sources, Bruce is most concerned over his daughters and the fear that Kris will exploit them just like she did with Kim Kardashian.

In fact, Bruce is worried that "[Kris] might encourage Kendall to make a sex tape," the magazine actually claims, adding, of course, that Kris would then "be pulling the strings behind the scenes, making sure word gets out" about the video.

Sounds crazy... but have you met Kris Jenner?!?

The mom-ager, meanwhile, is reportedly determined to remain married.

"Kris made it clear that if Bruce embarrassed her by filing for divorce, she'd crush him and expose all the skeletons in his closet," a source says.

Jenner Divorce Cover

We doubt any of this is true, but allow us to issue a warning to the future spawn of Kim and Kanye anyhow: make a run for it, kid. Don't wait.


I agree with those that say Bruce should have ditch the bitch long ago. She has absolutely no trouble emasculating him in public. However, I doubt this story is true. The Star has published so many false stories in the past it's a wonder anyone still buys the thing, but it proves that a fool is born every minute, and those that by The Star are fools wasting money. Scary to think those same fools have the right to vote. Maybe that's how Obama got elected. Hmmm???

@ Frogmore

I agree that this is probably just some old recycled story from some other old gossip magazine. But don't be fooled yourself frogmore, plenty of smart, well-rounded people voted for president Obama too, I'm one of them. You can't blame the man for all of the worlds ills you know I still think you're kinda cool though.


Run Bruce runnnn.. Kris, you crazy sleeze. Money does not make class. Class does. Bruce took care of your behind and your entire family, at the worst time of your lives, and all you did was disrespect him. You wouldn't let him park his clean motorcycle in the garage?? Fruitcakeeee. In the beginning I watched the show, until I couldn't stand the way you used the kids, and you disrespected Bruce. It's disgusting. He should get anything and everything he wants, before you use his little girls too!!! I always felt sorry for him. You need counseling after your husband dies (and their father)? All of you all. Go, now! Before you fruck up the rest of their lives!!!


Bruce stayed far longer than he should have. They've been making a fool of him for years. He needs to grow a pair, get a job of his own, and move on and away from this Brown Trash...


Poor Poor Bruce no wonder he doesn't live the bitch is gonna tell everything about him to the media but stil i would tell him to run for it take your two girls and turn for the hills the bitch will only get worse


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Dad needs to leave that psycho STAT...and take Kylie, Kendall, and the money with him!

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