Kim Kardashian on The Today Show: No Rush to Marry!

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Today Show viewers were forced to wake up this morning to an interview with Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, as the sisters sat with Savanna Guthrie and discussed the new season of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.

But, really, they just talked about the Kim Kardashian pregnancy.

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And the reality star said for the first time that she's suffered from fertility problems.

"Khloé has been very open about her fertility issues and I think I was always really kind of quiet about mine," said Kim. "So it was a pleasant surprise when so many doctors were telling me one thing and then the opposite happens.

"That's an exciting moment; you can't plan for things like that. So I think it's just such a blessing knowing my circumstances."

Why isn't she divorced yet from Kris Humphries? "It's a process," Kim said.

Will she ever marry Kanye West?

"[Marriage is] something that we talk about, but I think it's just right now [we're] focusing on the baby. What I've learned in life is ... you think your life is going to be a certain way, and the best surprises just happen when you don't plan."

So for now?

"[We're] content with how things are and how life is. We're so happy."



"Marriage is something we talk about, but right now we're focusing on the baby." REALLY?? What a screwed up world this is.


America's number #1 mudshark family.


OMG..What if the baby has Kim's old nose or should I say last to noses?
It seems Kanye has Kim looking more plain Jane lately..or plain Kim. No more make up artist at her house before she walks out the door. KIM IS GOING TO GAIN MAJOR POUNDS IF INDEED SHE REALLY IS THE ONE GIVING BIRTH. Remember Beyonce was said to pretend she was the one having the baby but at times didn't even look pregnant.??? I missed the monotone speaking sisters this morning but somehow I got throught the day.


Well at least she's not having a baby out of wedlock.


Kim K has learned not to rush things like she did. I totally agree with her. Why go ahead and get married to someone you do not even know that well?

@ Ernest

Kim has known Kanye for years. They were in the same Hollyood group. She probably was sleeping with him way back when she as known to have been sleeping with Tito Jackson's son who was one of her 1st or 9th who knows.? ..she was in high school then.!


She's still not divorced from Kris??? And here, Kanye, and Kim are tlk'n about rings? These 2 idiots don't know what the hell thay are doing! ! thing I do know for sure, and that is, that, Kanye, is just like Burger King, that messed w/Dairy Queen, and got her knocked up...He Forgot to wrap his whopper!


Two lame-brained knuckleheads interviewed by THE most boring anchor in NBC's history! It doesn't get any better than this...


How funny did useless matt do the interview. Quit watching today years ago. Did they advertise they were having the kartrashian tramp on and her baby voice annoying sis? Its so sad these shows have such reality trash on.


I wish these TV shows would stop putting this classless family on! No one cares about this ho!

@ Katz

Are you saying the truth Katz? If no one cares, why are they following the stories and even make angry comments? If you dont care about someone, you dont even notice they they are around, why would you notice what they say or do? Just being objective


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