Kim Kardashian Kovers Arab Fashion Magazine

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Kim Kardashian covers the latest issue of Hiya, an Arab fashion magazine, and so far no riots have broken out over it.

The reality star, of course, created quite the uproar when she visited the Middle East toward the end of 2012, opening up a milkshake store in Dubai and facing the wrath of locals at the time.

Kim Kardashian Hiya Cover

"I'm excited to share my cover of Hia Magazine!" Kim wrote along with the release of this cover. "This shoot was so different from any I have done before and I'm so pleased with how the cover turned out."

Kardashian is decked out in white for the pictorial, donning a variation of the head cover worn by women in the area, a hijab.

In related news, we know Kim will NOT be wearing white to any future Kanye West wedding because she's pregnant with his child. And she also had sex on tape with Ray J.


I accidentally ran into Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.
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Kim Kardashian Kovers Arab Fashion Magazine
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw
Have fun


Because ya know...white=virgins, haha lolz ignorant sexism is funny n' stuff. #sarcasm


Yeah the last paragraph is just gettin old .. quit bringin it up, Everyone knows, nobody cares. The fact is shes famous as F$%K now, for a whole lot more ..


This is what happens when you start going down, Same thing with paris you go across the world to make money for anyone that cares. LOL!@!!!! Is kanye d-bag next????

Teresa reams raynor

LOL at the last paragraph....always gotta throw that in there huh. As much money as she's making YALL @THG. Too much for me!

@ Teresa Reams-Raynor


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