Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Turn Down Baby Photo Windfall

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Might a pregnant Kim Kardashian be a new and improved Kim Kardashian?

Insiders confirm to TMZ that Kim and Kanye West have turned down - yes, TURNED DOWN - a $3 million offer from a tabloid to publish the first photos of the couple's impending child.

We'll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor...

Kim Kardashian on the Street

Of course, Kardashian and West may simply be playing a negotiation game here. But for now they truly do seem committed to some kind of private life for the young one.

Previous reports indicated that the Kimye baby would not appear on the family's E! reality show, either.

We have no idea what's going on here. But such responsible parenting is terrible for The Hollywood Gossip.


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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Turn Down Baby Photo Windfall
The vid is HQ which makes me happy
Have fun


Why pay for anything, she flaunts everything in any case


Leave that girl alone and just let her be happy.
she's got a powerful money oriented family and she's been blessed with looks that could sail a thousand ships her way. Stop hating. OK maybe she's not the most talented person in the world but at least her momager can make her that freakin money! You've gotta hand it to them there. They know how to make that damn MONEY! so I'm not hating wish I could make money like that ....minus the sextape and such of course.

@ Marianna

She got rich lying, and you believe her lies


Wow, it is about time Kim isn't after money. I hope parenthood will make her more responsible and sensible. It is a pleasant change to hear her wanting privacy. Maybe Kanye is a good influence!!!


Incredible, they're are not worth a dime !
Take a look carefully and if they have an iota of consideration, they've taken so much and not giving for the needs ....oops they are not even Brangelina !


Bitch wants mo' money


Oh, please. She turned down a $3M dollar deal because she won't take anything less than $5M!

@ Sammie

That's exactly what I thought. After all, mama Kris has to take her 10 percent, and she's not about to settlefor less than that.

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