Kelly Clarkson Defends Beyonce, Dubs Inaugural Performance SO "Nerve-Wracking"

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Leave it to Kelly Clarkson to put this whole Beyonce Lip Sync Gate thing in proper perspective.

Asked about the controversy in an interview with K-Frog Radio this week, the original American Idol replied of singing at the Inauguration:

Kelly Clarkson Inauguration Performance

“It’s the most nerve-wracking situation ever. And it was cold. That event isn’t about me or Beyonce or James Taylor. That event is about Obama, Biden and our history and our country."

How well said. And how well sung, considering the circumstances!

Remind yourself of Clarkson's talent and listen now to her version of "My Country Tis of Thee."


She did it to boost her career. Liberals don't buy Kelly C. They buy Rhianna. She is a sellout. It will show at the gates.

@ Star

That's such an ignorant comment! I'm extremely liberal and I love kelly clarkson! Clearly you have never seen her live, her audience is very eclectic. Young, old, gay, straight, conservatives and liberals.