Kathy Griffin Simulates Oral Sex on Anderson Cooper [Video]

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What's more awkward than Kathy Griffin in a bra on live television?

Kathy Griffin simulating oral sex on Anderson Cooper during the duo's New Year's Eve coverage?

But that's exactly what CNN viewers were stuck watching Monday night, as the comedian attempted to make things as awkward as possible for her co-host throughout that network's broadcast.

"You’re scaring me,” Cooper said shortly after midnight, as Griffin kept referring to his "Christmas present." "This is getting to be the night bad things happen.”

Yes, a man who has covered tragedies in Rwanda, Lebanon and around the world was frightened by Kathy Griffin. And for good reason. Watch the vide now:


No class at all! In hearing what happened last year I did not watch this years. And based on what happened I won't be watching next years!


Kathy Griffin has NOT one redeeming quality. As a gay man, I am always astonished when one of my gay friends loves her... and then I realize who is speaking... one of my trashier gay friends. Those of us who are decent do not like her, and I always turn off whatever channel I am watching when she appears. I wish I had a Nielsen Box on my tv. It would have shown I turned off CNN's New Year's Ball Drop of many facets, the least of which was Kathy Griffin.


We tuned CNN out. Feel sorry for Anderson. Hope he has the balls to opt out of appearing with KG ever again.


What an immoral talent-less piece of trash. Nice example to show the world the stuff America is made of. Just goes to show when you have no talent to fall back on fall on shock and awe. Works all the time in America


Kathy could not have been more tacky. Horrible commentator.

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