Kathy Griffin Simulates Oral Sex on Anderson Cooper [Video]

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What's more awkward than Kathy Griffin in a bra on live television?

Kathy Griffin simulating oral sex on Anderson Cooper during the duo's New Year's Eve coverage?

But that's exactly what CNN viewers were stuck watching Monday night, as the comedian attempted to make things as awkward as possible for her co-host throughout that network's broadcast.

"You’re scaring me,” Cooper said shortly after midnight, as Griffin kept referring to his "Christmas present." "This is getting to be the night bad things happen.”

Yes, a man who has covered tragedies in Rwanda, Lebanon and around the world was frightened by Kathy Griffin. And for good reason. Watch the vide now:


Seinfeld was right many, many years ago. Kathy Griffin is a talentless hack and should have given it up decades ago.


She is crude and he is acting like a 13 yr old. He appeared with her again the next day and THEIR behavior was just as bad.


I feel sorry for all of the people that are anti BJ's, I personally love them and would gladly accept one from Kathy Griffin. If Anderson had half a stack he would have told the camera man to pan up and held on for a good time. Just keep your eye's forward Cooper and pretend her name is Carl Griffin if it makes you happy.

Eric willard

So...anyone surprised KG did something over the top? If you are, you are living under a rock. I think, they wanted her to make gay oriented humor in an attempt to have her do goffball stuff and him play it straight and it kinda bombed. They hoped they could play off each other.

Andrea allen

Wow how obnoxious was she! Felt sorry for Anderson Cooper who had to put up with her...She probably won't be invited back next year!


If Kathy Griffin had talent she would need to act in such a desperate way for attention.


LoL Im sorry, but lighten up people. Anyone wafching CNN's coverage of the new year knows it's going to be scandalous and in questionable taste. I tuned in a little, but because it's live and I'm on the west coast, I didn't watch much. Around 12 AM EST, my time Bravo network was on my tv... They were marathoning Kathy Griffin stand-up specials. Haha!


I have only one word for the CNN execs who put these two together - "DUMMIES!"
You have smeared the reputation of your number one newsman by hooking him up with a tawdry, humorless, self-promoting comic wannabe.


Anderson is a class act and handled it as well as could be expected. KG is a talent-less scum bag. Shame on CNN for not pulling her.

@ Barnacle

Well actually KG does have one talent which she was attemting to perform


This is what our great country has evolved to because of all the liberality, disgusting CNN shame on you

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