Kathy Griffin Simulates Oral Sex on Anderson Cooper [Video]

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What's more awkward than Kathy Griffin in a bra on live television?

Kathy Griffin simulating oral sex on Anderson Cooper during the duo's New Year's Eve coverage?

But that's exactly what CNN viewers were stuck watching Monday night, as the comedian attempted to make things as awkward as possible for her co-host throughout that network's broadcast.

"You’re scaring me,” Cooper said shortly after midnight, as Griffin kept referring to his "Christmas present." "This is getting to be the night bad things happen.”

Yes, a man who has covered tragedies in Rwanda, Lebanon and around the world was frightened by Kathy Griffin. And for good reason. Watch the vide now:


This woman is total garbage, & Anderson Cooper is way to classy to be in this moron's presence. SHe has a vulgar mouth, is NOT funny, & should be banned from New Years Eve's hosting, & everything us. The woman is a total classless idiot. PERIOD...

@ janelle

sorry, I meant to say everything else. sorry, for the misprint.


I watched Anderson and Kathy Griffin for about 30 min New Years Eve~ I didnt enjoy it at all Anderson has class and knows the boundaries Kathy Griffin is the one that ruined it all she is vulgar tries to hard to be funny wants all the attention like a brat! She is disgusting somethings like New Yrs Eve need to be sacred terriotory and left conservative and traditional Anderson needs a new partner get rid of Kathy Griffin she is a ball and chain get someone with class how about Kathy Lee Gifford or Hoda??

Lauren gardner

She is good friends with his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt. It's supposed to be like he is so reserved, that he laughs, and gets embarrassed by her. It's a good thing she had extensive body, and face lift work, otherwise it would be very ugly. Anyway, women don't "turn on" Anderson.


Kathy Griffin has never been funny--nor personable nor even decent. Why AC would have her on is a total mystery. She should be banned from the networks. I don't want to be in any audience that she would attract.


I cannot for the life of me understand why someone as classy and sophisticated and respected as Anderson Cooper submits himself to the unbelievably embarrassing antics of Kathy Griffin every New Year's Eve. I try watching them every year, but the stuff she says and does makes me feel really creepy, and I wind up switching to Ryan Seacrest year after year. I did see that segment the other night where she openly suggested performing oral sex on Anderson right there on camera and could not believe she got away with it and Cooper kind of tried to laugh it off. It was truly disgusting. I hope A.C. will finally get the message and stop doing these annual New Year's Eve shows with Griffin.


Poor guy...such a professional stuck with her on live television. Someone please charge her for sexual harassment..if it was the other way around, he would have been in big trouble. And yes, this is a comment coming from woman.


At some point we as a nation have to be honest with ourselves and recognize that liberals like Griffin and Cooper are an embarrassment to all of us. Low class, clueless trash broadcasting on a failing network called CNN. Liberals really are the garbage of the Earth.

@ Neo

At some point you should probably wise up Neo, and realize that there are quite a few Republicans that are an embarrassment to all of us. People like you who are too closed minded to realize that, really are the garbage of the Earth.


Anderson please make this your last year with this over the hill ugly girl. I cannot watch her at all she is sooo I know she cannot help what she look like .


Kathy Griffin is not now, nor has she ever been funny. She crude and classless (as proven by this action) and I can not, for the life of me, understand how she even exists in any form of the media. I feel really bad for Anderson - HE has class.


she is so old and ugly she has to do something to get attention. nothing but a trashy bitch.

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