Kate Middleton Official Royal Portrait: Revealed!

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The Duke and the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge had an art outing Friday - for the unveiling of Kate Middleton's official portrait at the National Portrait Gallery!

Her reaction to her portrait? "I thought it was brilliant," Middleton, who showed no sign of a baby bump in a burgundy Whistles dress, said at the reception.

Do you agree? Check it out below:

Kate Middleton Portrait

She also thanked artist Paul Emsley, a Scottish-born, South African-raised painter, while Prince William pronounced the work "absolutely beautiful."

Diplomatic as always.

Personally, if you compare the artwork to almost ANY Kate Middleton photos, the official portrait is not particularly flattering in our humble opinion.

Kate is just gorgeous, by any measure. Yet here, she looks like her mind is elsewhere ... somewhere between bored, unimpressed and exhausted.

Still, it's cool that she was given one at all!

Kate sat for Emsley in two sittings last May and June, both at his studio in Bradford-upon-Avon, southwest England, and at Kensington Palace.

Working from photos he took, he spent more than three months creating a portrait of Kate "to convey her natural self as opposed to her official self."

"I was always aware of the fact that we would use the hair very much as a kind of a frame for the face, and not too much jewelry apart from the earring."

He said his goal in creating the portrait was to "try to create something of natural warmth, natural serenity without too much busyness in the portrait."

"If you are working with someone who has whose face is just a lovely face, it's harder to find something in the portrait that gives it some sort of gravitas."

"In this case I've tried to do that with the smile and the dimples and the shadows."

Thoughts? Did he succeed in doing the Duchess' beauty, class and grace justice?

Fun fact: The painting happens to be located in the same gallery as a rendering of a naked David Beckham (which will soon be moved elsewhere).


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@ QueenRothschild

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@ herb

I agree, it's not very becomming to Kate. She's much prettier. Her portrait also needs brighter colors. The pale colors make the picturelook like she's already 80 and you're looking back at how she " LOOKED" back then.


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