Justin Bieber Tattoo: What the Heck Is It?

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The number of Justin Bieber tattoos has increased yet again, with this singer's latest ink baffling fans around the nation.

In a new Instagram photo of the 18-year old's upper right chest, we see a slew of Roman Numerals, the same artwork recently penned on to the arm of producer Jamal Rashid, who Tweeted:

"Great Minds Think Alike ! @justinbieber 1975 Same Tatts spiritual meanings."

Well… okay. Except it's unclear what kind of meaning "1975" has to the singer and, this is awkward, but: those numerals do NOT add up to the year/number in question. See for yourself:

Justin Bieber Tattoo Pic

What does the ink mean? Let the guessing games start, THGers, as you gawk over other, less confounding Justin Bieber photos in our gallery of the artist.

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Well obviously everyone needs to do some adding of their own.
Let me explain
He was born in 1994.. His Mom was 17 when she got pregnant so if she was 17 when he was born that means she was born in 1976/1977 not freaking 1975.
I was 17 myself when my daughter was born in 1994 and I was born in 1977. So yeah, do your own math people. There is no way she could have gotten pregnant at 17 if she was born in 1975. That would make Justin 19 or 20 currently not 18 like he is. His birthday isn't for another 2 months.

@ Rhonda

Thank you. I was wondering what his tattoo meant.

@ Rhonda

While you are enlightening us, please explain what you under aged pregnancy has to do with anything. And while you are at it, please tell us all, just how you KNOW what his birthday is...what you were there? You are a guesser, moron and quite frankly a big moron.

@ johnwayne1

His birthday is right there, genius, just saying. March 01, 1994. Just ask him yourself since you're judging people already.


Hey Bieber, "1975" is MCMLXXV... IIXVIIV is "20". Congratulations for being ridiculous once again. Go back to school.

@ MarcF

i dont care for Justin Bieber but you should go back to school casue IIXVIIV does not add up to 20. IIXVIIV do not add up to nothing,this is simply not the way romans numbers works

@ MarcF

that was such a good point that i referred to it in my comment!

@ Zi Jones

We really do not know what it means until he answer it only then we will I bet the next talk show he goes one someone will ask him that if he can tell you.


Are you guys sure? I see his mom as being born in 1976.


I'm no expert in roman numerals but his tattoo does indeed say 1-9-7-5 so I don't know what op is talking about not adding up...


Its for his mum. 1975 is Pattie's Birth year.

@ zoe.

It his morther year she was born it say it on wikapada he did it the short way. Like Selena did for her mom.

@ zoe.

Yeah, his mom was born in 1975