Justin Bieber Smoking Weed: All Good, According to The Game!

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Reactions continue to pour in following the release of Justin Bieber weed photos.

With some fans of the singer actually cutting themselves in disturbed response to this news, rapper The Game has now offered his take on the situation.

The Game Photograph
Justin Bieber Shirtless Photo

"Let's keep it real," The Game told TMZ yesterday. "There's a lot of people in high positions... who smoke a little weed sometimes."

Still, this doesn't mean the artist is letting Justin off the hook. He made it clear:

"I'm not saying it's okay... but [Bieber] made a mistake. Forgive him. Let him go through the growing pains of his life."

And if the young man does want to smoke some pot sometimes? It's pretty darn easy to get a prescription weed card in California. It's legal and everything!

So, time to chime in again, Beliebers: What's your reaction to Justin Bieber smoking weed?


I'm a little disappointed to be honest. Lets be real though, he is definitely not the first celebrity to do drugs... I also believe everyone deserves a second chance. Above all else. IT IS NOBODYS DAMN BUISSNESS BUT HIS.

@ Kat

Kat dont be so g d naive!!!!


The Bieb should know better. He is too young and where were his handlers? Don't let these bad boy rappers influence you. Can you please pull up your pants. I do not care what brand of underwear you wear! Get it together Biebs!!!

@ Janet W

Handlers? Apparently everyone seems to forget he's a legal adult now. His choices and mistakes r his to make. So let him.


Justin is a very popular teenager he will learn from some mistak es till then let him enjoy life while he's young


It's completely legal in two states, it is not going to be illegal federally for too much longer. My point is either wait or confiscate all phones and cameras before you light up...


only thing that he has ever done that i agree with little fucking wanker...


I just wish he would pull his pants up. As for smoking soooooo what?


I agree with the game, Justin is a teenager he's gonna make mistakes let him live his life


Whats the game? Never heard of it. Why should I pay attention to what this low class character says?
I am in favor of legalizing marijuana, BUT am against an under 18 punk smoking it!

@ joenamherst

to bad hes not under 18....


What is The Game.


He's 18 , do whatever the funk he wants.. although if he was my friend, I would tell him not to waste his time..

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