Justin Bieber Smoking Weed: All Good, According to The Game!

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Reactions continue to pour in following the release of Justin Bieber weed photos.

With some fans of the singer actually cutting themselves in disturbed response to this news, rapper The Game has now offered his take on the situation.

The Game Photograph
Justin Bieber Shirtless Photo

"Let's keep it real," The Game told TMZ yesterday. "There's a lot of people in high positions... who smoke a little weed sometimes."

Still, this doesn't mean the artist is letting Justin off the hook. He made it clear:

"I'm not saying it's okay... but [Bieber] made a mistake. Forgive him. Let him go through the growing pains of his life."

And if the young man does want to smoke some pot sometimes? It's pretty darn easy to get a prescription weed card in California. It's legal and everything!

So, time to chime in again, Beliebers: What's your reaction to Justin Bieber smoking weed?


that not a good thing say about him


There are big differences between people in the world. So what if Bieber smokes pot. It's his life and if wants to ruin it, let him...Beiber isn't a star; he's an ASSHOLE, FILLED UP WITH!! He won't be around long enough to matter. Thank G-d, he didn't have any influence on MY kids!! They both know who he is. They think he's an asshole, too, and I didn't hafta tell them!! Ha- hah, Justin. Hava nice i-t-i-i-ii-i--m-e. You fuckin' asshole! inhale shit fumes!

Michael robertson
@ Dickie Nunk

LOL, what a great role model you are. Calling an 18 year old a "fuckin' asshole!" Were you abused as a child? I pity your children

@ Dickie Nunk

There is nothing wrong with smoke a bit of weed -_-
And you can't be all high and mighty calling somebody that is years younger than you an asshole grow up and act your age. Although I don't like Biebers music, he does do a lot of nice things for a lot of people. I think you're an asshole however for killing spelling at your age -_- "hafta" really? typing fail!


This world is going to Hell in a handbasket. And these "stars" think they can do whatever feels good, with whomever, and there are no consequnces. There are no morals anymore. People go around spouting they are Christians, and live like anything but. God forgives, but he also says STOP IT!


Looks like the Biebs needs a few good meals, a gym, and to pull up his pants. Another ridiculous "role model" for the youth of the world.


Who cares if Justin Bieber smokes pot or EATS POT N' PANS!!
HE'S A big star (YEAH, RIGHT). (In reality, he's a shmuck who THINKS he's a star! ). REAL STARS don't live like that. I knew one the biggest stars in the music world and believe me, he lived an ordinary, quiet life off the stage. He was what ya' call a "mensch". Beiber is,a SHMUCK.


Imagine the scenario - its a dark, dark night, your walking passed an alleyway with a) 5 young drunk men, pushing and shoving, shouting stuff, smashing bottles etc or b) 5 young stoned men, who are chatting and giggling and munching. There are legal drugs in the world that are much much worse than weed. However, in response to Kay, weed is very much addictive!


Dear Kat! dont be naive! America doesnt give a second chance/,unless you are J B hahahaha


Americans know how to make show of everything and everybody! But who gives a sh.t what this young pop star is smoking&&!! Hi is in show businesss! where right and left people use drugs!


Pot is less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes. it is also less addictive than coffee. anybody who says otherwise is rather A. a drone who believes anything they hear or B. too lazy to look up the facts on their own. Come on people, grow up.

@ kay

But hey, its not dangerous to be addicted to coffee?


Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Weed 2013 Pictures, Video Revealed Here http://tiny.cc/Bieber-Smoking-2013

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