Justin Bieber Smoking Weed: All Good, According to The Game!

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Reactions continue to pour in following the release of Justin Bieber weed photos.

With some fans of the singer actually cutting themselves in disturbed response to this news, rapper The Game has now offered his take on the situation.

The Game Photograph
Justin Bieber Shirtless Photo

"Let's keep it real," The Game told TMZ yesterday. "There's a lot of people in high positions... who smoke a little weed sometimes."

Still, this doesn't mean the artist is letting Justin off the hook. He made it clear:

"I'm not saying it's okay... but [Bieber] made a mistake. Forgive him. Let him go through the growing pains of his life."

And if the young man does want to smoke some pot sometimes? It's pretty darn easy to get a prescription weed card in California. It's legal and everything!

So, time to chime in again, Beliebers: What's your reaction to Justin Bieber smoking weed?


Why is everyone making a big deal about weed..??? Like you dont smoke it.???? And If you dont than you should. He is grown now quit treating him like a kid forreal.


i'm 16 and i smoke weed.. is it that bad lol


go on smoking marijuana you gaybear


Ahaha all these 14 year olds are dumbasses. Tell me what's so bad about it, I'm making 100k a year and I smoke everyday, so what's the problem?

@ dumbasses

Your high


Too all you little fucks, Weed isn't bad. Hes not gonna stop. soo shut up and nut up. lets get real. Weed should be legalized really. soo who gives a fuck. I think this is hillarous. the biebs is finaly living the high and good life mang.


omg why would he do that? that is just so stupid that is showing all of his fans that is ok... it is not ok i think he is stupid for doing that. i am justin biebers biggest fan and i cant belive he did that i am so mad and that is a bad inflence on his little brother and sister i am so mad at him. that was stupid of u justin...... :/


JB shouldn't be smokin but bein Straight Edge that means NO SMOKING.

@ Martel Owens

why do u do this to us i love u but now i not No what to say now


Im not a justin beiber fan but i heard about this and
I thought this is low for him.


at the end of the day i am a belieber and i do think it was stupid of justin bieber to go smoking weed but people are smoking weed all over the world. Lets give him a chance and if he does it again then we will no that he is making bad decisions and that he is foolish

@ zoe

everyone has decided justin smoked weed but i have yet to see anything saying he actually did smoke weed. he is a teenqager though and can be expected to make some mistakes


The only negative I see is that we teach kids weed is bad. Idk anyone who doesn't even if the parent smokes,it. And he is a star to the kids, and now they know he smokes pot. I would be disappointed if I had a little girl who was his fan is all.

@ Josh

you are right amen to that

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