Justin Bieber Responds to BS, Grateful to Fans

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Justin Bieber really wants to let his singing do the talking.

But in the face of Boob Gate, in which the singer has been accused of fondling a fan after a photo of the pair surfaced online, Bieber has released a brief statement on Twitter.

Justin Bieber: Thumbs Up!

"alot of bs has been out there lately...seems like it never stops," Justin Tweeted yesterday. "answering for myself thru music. to everyone around the world. thanks for believing. I AM GRATEFUL."

Among other Bieber controversies of late:

They say it can be lonely at the top. But who knew it could be so loony?!?

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He so cute


@Desiree Broadus - Everyone cares what Justin does! He's changed so much. Now he has a foul mouth! I mean Bs means "Bull Shit'. Who gives a flying fudge if he's 18, he's still a kid and need to be treated like a 5 year old! His life is a wreck since he's touching girls in their breast area, breaking Selena's heart, SMOKING WEED, and just being a total FAKE! He deserves everything he gets! Selena should NEVER be back with that...that....Booby loving, big headed loser! I probably know what he wants to from Selena if you know what I mean.


... Who cares what Justin does? He is 18 and has been making his own decisions for quite sometime now. But all I wanna know is, where is his mother throughout all of this bs? Oh, well. I love Justin no matter what. And I mean NO MATTER WHAT. Justin, I don't care what you do. I understand. And I love you for your mistakes. It proves that you're a human being. <3

@ Desiree Broadus

Lol, @Cookiemonster.. You're cracking me up. Quite frankly, I don't give a fuck. :) See. I have a foul mouth, too. I smoke weed. Got a problem? This isn't affecting you, is it? No. It's not. So just stop, please and thank you. Justin is amazing and doesn't deserve all of this hate. NO ONE does. And if he only wanted Selena for sex, he would've broken up with her the first time. Also, putting BS doesn't mean anything. Everyone recognizes the "bad" things he does, when he's making girls and boys' in the hospitals' dreams come true with visiting them while they're sick. He's fake? LOL. No.

@ Desiree Broadus

"answering for myself thru music" Give me a break. He should be creating music to serve the masses and move their souls. This punk is nothing more than a self serving, gutless, Timberlake wannabe.


Has anyone told him who The Archies were?

@ Ben

LOL. You're quite funny. I believe that Justin is just amazing in every single way possible. Mmkay? Stfu. (; - See more at: http://www.thehollywoodgossip....

@ Ben

LOL. You're quite funny. I believe that Justin is just amazing in every single way possible. Mmkay? Stfu. (;



@ abe

A loyalty that he would never have had in the first place if it weren't for Scooter Braun's con games and a loyalty that he won't have for long if he keeps this shit up. I wonder if there is any such thing as fan loyalty for Lindsay Lohan?