Justin Bieber: I'm a Good Guy!

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He's been accused of being a jerk at the gym. And of cheating on Selena Gomez.

And his new track "Yellow Raincoat" may be about condoms, some believe.

But through it all Justin Bieber remains positive, mostly staying on the outside of the fray and rarely comments on such reported nonsense.

Justin Bieber Dances

Until late last night, when The Biebs just had to chime in via Twitter.

"some of the rumors about me are just so ridiculous u gotta laugh," Bieber wrote. "people are creative. kinda over it. im a good guy. that's all."

Are you buying any of the Justin-related stories out there? And, most of all, do you agree he's a good guy?

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Just because someone is Christian doesn't mean they are automatically "good people". If you look at history, quite the contrary! Religion has caused more wars and more deaths then any single thing on earth. Justin Bieber WAS smoking weed, and the photos prove this. Instead of just coming fourth and taking responsibility for his actie didn't. He let his Black friend and another guy who looks like him, take the blame. His lookalike even came fourth to ASK Justin Bieber to tell the truth and he didn't even respond. That's not "Christian". That's not what a "good person" does. A good person takes responsibility for their actions like any reasonable adult would, and not let other people go down for him, and his 12-year-old fans. He won't be taken seriously by adults ever, if he keeps this up.

@ Hope

I definitely agree! Christians are really bad people. I knew a Christian who claimed he could bench press 200lb. When I went to the gym with him, be could barely 1RM 190. Christians are liars. There is a major misconception that all Christains are "good people". Definitely not.

@ Hope

Instead of coming fourth and taking responsibility for his actions, he didn't. **


i agree that he is good guy he is christian and he never would do some of these things

@ eva

The majority of people who call themselves "Christians" are racist, sexist, homophobic pricks.


Maybe he is a "good guy" but the fact of the matter is that his music is terrible and his entire "I wish I were black" persona generally makes people of every race label him as a poser.
His fanbase of teenage girls don't know any better and generally don't care. Integrity nor good music doesn't matter to them only who they think is cute.

@ Hellion

that is not true at all. We love him for him not because he's famous. We may not know him if he wasn't famous but we love him for kidrauhl. I'm not trying to say that your opinion is right but I don't agree with you.


I believe that Justin Bieber is, truly, a good guy. He may make mistakes, but who doesn't? It's bull crap that everyone keeps putting HIM down for a few mistakes, when we should ALL be put down if that's the case. I'm so sick of everyone bagging on Justin. Calling him "gay" and stuff. He's obviously NOT gay!! Get over yourselves. I am a HUGE Justin Bieber fan, and this is all got to stop. SOON. I'm sooo done. Justin, I just want you to know that I'll love you NO MATTER WHAT. You are my idol and you deserve better than these rumor spreading idiots. You'll always be above them. And richer than them.. So. Yeah. ;) Lol. I hope to come see you in concert one day. I love you! <3

@ Desiree Broadus

I agree with you! Everybody makes mistakes and these people have no right to judge him because of that. I am a a huge belieber abd I will love and support him forever!


what did you expect anyway: HIS MOM RAISED THE BOY!!




You're the bad guy for being immature and saying he is. Goodbye. I love you, Justin! <3

@ Desiree Broadus

Hey D, I love you too. Nobody understands me like you do. Now that the world knows that it's not just me and Selena, you should come over to mine. I can show you how a small, medium done steak looks like. JB

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