Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Break Up: Due to Nick Jonas?

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According to a source close to the situation, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have split once again.

And you may be stunned to learn the reason why.

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According to a Hollywood Life insider, the break-up may have officially occurred on December 30 - when the stars had a blow-out in Mexico and Justin returned alone to Los Angeles - but the real problems stemmed from events on December 13.

Because Bieber spent the night with another... man!

Justin and Nick Jonas hung out all night,” this mole claims, adding that Gomez was devastated over her current boyfriend chilling with her ex: “Selena was crying about it. He wouldn’t even return her calls when she found out and called him up.”

When Bieber and Gomez called it quits previously, the issue at stake was the former's alleged desire to sleep with supermodels.

And the pain of that experience never left Gomez, this source concludes, saying Justin's latest actions "proved he wants to just be a jerk about this and Selena’s sick of being heartbroken... They are finished, and I think it’s for good this time.”

Tear. Big, sloppy, very wet tear, folks.


A message to justin and gomez "your still young and famous" "and if you ever get sad just look at your bank account"


Gal u are jst too gööd for him.hiz just a boy and so immature,jst let him b wth his playful life and u live urs aswel...he wil eventually come to his senses,wel,mayb!


Gal u are just too gøød for him,hiz jst a boy n so immature,jst let him b with hiz playful life and live ur life aswel...


They are both young and very busy stars and just that alone can cause a very stressful life style. They just need to focus on themselves for now and if meant to be they will find each other again. All our opinions don't really matter we don't know them or the story, just what the press wants us to know...


well, they are young, and you never here from them, always someone supposed to be close to them, so i don't really believe in any of it, tabloids are tabloids, gossip is gossip.


so what if he was with her ex hanging out. she doesn't control who he wants as a friend. i can understand breaking up cause he was with other girls but cause he was with a friend?!?! that's just not a good excuse for breaking his heart. selena was just jealous, i love them both but this was a very stupid reason to break up.


Okay first of all, Its not okay to be calling justin bieber gay and I don't think thats a very good excuse for breaking his heart. he is allowed to hangout with whomever he chooses.. she isn't in control of him. She shouldn't expect a 18 year old guy to not hangout with other girls I mean come on its common sense. I'm actually glad they called it quits.. they really didn't seem happy together only for the camera. I love justin Bieber and I hope he can find a girl who can actually deal with all these women who are in love with him unlike selena who is sorry to say a little bit to protective of him.

@ Hayley

Plus with the nick thing, yeah tat just makes no sense.. guys are gonna hang out with guys you don't like. get over it.


Justin Bieber is GAY TWO WORDS LANCE BASS!! He made his career bein' attractive 2 girls so did RICKY MARTIN & GEORGE MICHAEL


Wtf?? selena just got jelouse that her bf was talking and hanging out with her ex. Nick probably was wondering how she was doing and if she was ok. I'll be ok if my ex and current bf were friends I'd have nothing to hide.


Selena is a WOMAN. Justin is.... a boy. srsly, i dont get what selena sees in him in the first place. he should go out with someone like chace crawford.

@ Nina

I totally agree

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