Jon Stewart, Plastic Gun Attack NRA, "Paranoid Fear" of Future

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Following a holiday hiatus, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show returned to the air this week - just in time to take on the pressing topic of gun control.

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    Jon Stewart, another New York Jew with no respect for the people who gave their lives for liberty and stopping Hitler from exterminating his ancestors


    DUI- why hell lets stop selling beer? Another American example of not being able to enforce the law and get criminals off the streets. As a result- criminals will not turn in guns or follow the law and they could be the only ones who have guns. This country needs to quit dancing around the problem. Violent movies & video games are the "New" babysitter , mental health, unsupervised youth, drugs etc.

    @ Get Real

    Beer isn't designed to kill people.

    @ It's Called Logic

    It doesn't matter what it is designed for, beer kills far more people than guns in the US, as do cars and doctors. This is a fact.

    I the narrative is all about "if it saves even one life" then why not in these oher areas? Because that doesn't support the agenda of the gun ban lobby.


    While it's true that guns don't kill people they do however, make it very easy to do so. For every story where there is someone who successfully utilizes a gun to defend themselves or family there are 20 stories where a gun was used improperly and someone died. While I agree the right to bear arms is a constitutional right. That doesn't mean everyone should be able too.

    @ d

    Actually "d" you have it reversed, for every illegal use of a firearms there are dozens of cases where a gun was used in legit self defense. You just don't hear about it in the MSM because this fact doesn't jive with the gun ban narrative being pushed.

    No one is saying that "everyone" should have a gun except those trying to demonize the NRA and gun owners, but if you apply your argument to the other rights we have does this mean that "everyone" shouldn't have freedom of speech, etc?

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