Joe Biden: Shotgun Beats Assault Rifle in Case of Earthquake!

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Vice President Joe Biden really needs a reality show, as a recent White House petition called for. He gave Americans a glimpse of why Friday in a Google+ Hangout.

The always-outspoken Veep (and possible 2016 election candidate) went off on a tangent on shotguns, assault rifles, and protecting yourself during an earthquake.

Take a look:

Senate Democrats introduced their 2013 assault weapons ban earlier in the week, a controversial measure that faces an uncertain future in Congress.

Among many fair questions about such a bill: How can you ban assault weapons when some people own them as a last line of defense, one G+ user asked.

Joe says that's no problem ... since shotguns work better anyway.

"A shotgun would keep you a lot safer - a double barrel shotgun - than the assault weapon in somebody's hand who doesn't know how to use it," he says.

While looking at the camera and pretending to clutch a shotgun.

"You know. It's harder to use an assault weapon to hit something than a shotgun. So, if you want to keep people away in an earthquake, buy some shotgun shells."

The more you know.

Bailey strong

Wait, why would anyone need a gun, assault or otherwise, during an earthquake? That seems like the most illogical time to need a gun. I could see for home protection, a shotgun would protect you much better than an assault weapon, which when used in a panic is often used incorrectly and causes damage to people other than the intended victim, but during and earthquake is just stupid.

@ Bailey Strong

Are you aware of something called the LA Riots? Of Katrina?
It's a sad fact, but in times of crisis and natural disaster, the best(and worst) of people comes out. You will have people looting. You will have people stealing, and people willing to shoot anyone who gets in the way of their stealing, or simply to settle grudges in the chaos.
If someone tries to steal your vehicle, which may be your only life-line and means of escaping a disaster zone and surviving, will you let them take it away from you and your family that needs it? Or will you defend yourself and your family? Shotguns being 'better' is subjective. Shotguns have one Hell of a kick. The recoil is exponentially greater then an AR-15 sporting rifle. A 7 year old can fire an AR-15 steadily and accurately. There are numerous videos on youtube showing first-timers with shotguns where the gun literally flies out of their hands or cracks them in the shoulder or face. The muzzle blast is enough to potentially blind and deafen you in an enclosed space. A shotgun also has a much higher risk of overpenetration, similar to handguns, compared to a .223 which will break up sooner due to high velocity fragmentation of such a tiny round. The difference in accuracy cannot be stressed enough. You can put multiple .223 rounds in a 1 inch square at 100m if your good. That counts for alot; you want to be confident that your weapons platform will hit the target accurately and consistently especially when dealing with attackers in your home where one stray bullet could put an innocent on a stretcher. The accessories make a massive difference as well. Laser optics and LED lights help you identify people in your home at night(so you don't accidentally shoot something you care about) and see exactly where your shots are going. Adjustable stocks and vert. grips help control recoil, steady aim, fire more comfortably and stay on target in case the first shot misses or it takes more then one to drop an attacker. Shotguns certainly have their place and are useful, but I would NEVER recommend something as useless as a dbl barreled shotgun to anyone, let alone for them to fire it irresponsibly(and illegally) into the air to 'scare' someone off while simultaneously rendering you defenseless as you have just wasted your /2/ round capacity. If you want a shotgun, get a Remington 870, you can get them in capacity's up to 8 or so shells. Get a forend that can sport an LED light. Train with it. Get used to it. Still, racking that slide is harder, and takes longer, then simply pulling the trigger for a rifle or handgun. And sometimes, its that split-second that counts.


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It's the ELMER FUDD defense stategy: "AW WU WILLWE NEED WIS HUH HOTGUN!" Wu can wern huh wat fum ROONEY TOONS!


he is starting a war of its own?


And this guy is a voice for liberals- truly amazing.

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