Jodi Arias Trial: Travis Alexander Feared Dating "Axe Murderer"

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In an eerie blog post, Travis Alexander wrote about his fear of dating "an axe murderer" less than a month before he was violently killed, allegedly by Jodi Arias.

Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias

The 30-year-old motivational speaker and insurance salesman wrote a lengthy commentary on May 18, 2008, titled "Why I Want To Marry A Gold Digger." 

In it, Jodi Arias' ex-boyfriend shared his thoughts about the perils of being single and his desire to change his priorities to "date with marriage in mind."

"Desperately trying to find out if my date has an axe murderer penned up inside of her and knowing she is wondering the same thing about me."

"That's usually when I think myself into a panic and start acting weird in consequence to trying so hard to act normal," he wrote of his hunt of for Mrs. Right.

On June 9, 2008, friends who were concerned because they had not heard from him for several days went to his Mesa, Arizona, home and found him dead.

He'd been shot, stabbed 27 times and his throat slit. Advanced decomposition suggested that he had been dead for several days, according to police.

Travis' pals immediately suspected Jodi Arias, and even gave the 911 operator her name and said she had been "bothering" him and had slashed his tires.

The now 32-year-old was indicted on first-degree murder charges a month later and has been behind bars ever since while prosecutors built their case.

Arias' family claims the photographer was wildly in love with Travis, and that she killed him in self defense after he abused her mentally and physically.

Alexander detailed in his blog what he was looking for in a woman, such as:

"Spirituality, mutual physical attraction, the ability to communicate effectively, wants children, etc. but there is one thing that I have come to appreciate as much or more than all the others."

"I don't know how to label this quality except to say it is the quality to appreciate qualities in me. I want someone to fall in love with me because I am a man of ability and achievement."

"This life is a beautiful life," he chillingly concluded. "A life that is all the more beautiful when we find someone of like mind, heart and spirit to share it with."


Ever wonder if he tried to push her away by being a callous jerk hoping she would finally dump him? How come she committed overkill? She admitted to killing him and now all of a sudden makes up alleged abuse to get off on murder. Her persistent lies and planning to conceal her crime show her guilt. Listen to her "tells" hell she could've hired someone to help her commit the crime. As for the pictures she uses her sexuality to get what she wants just like she did by driving to Utah to screw that other guy hours after she shot and stabbed Travis. She is the archetypal Antisocial Personality Disorder. Everything she does is for her own ego, any empathy she feels is to stroke her own ego. She manipulated the situation and got caught. She belongs in prison for the rest of her life because death would be a reprieve.


First, my heart goes out to Travis' family and friends. From all accounts, he seemed like a gifted and blessed individual, especially rising above a bad childhood. He was definitely a bright light in this world. Second point, Jodi is a sociopath - a hollow, empty soul who latched on to Travis like a parasite. Like most sociopaths, she learned his weakness for future murderous exploits. Travis' weakness, like many healthy men, was sexual pleasure. Imagine his horror when Jodi's sweet mask fell off that day. At first, she manipulated him into that shower to take waist up, tasteful photos, and when Travis is in a vulnerable spot (literally backed into an enclosed stall), in a twinkling moment all hell was unleashed on him. This brings me to my last point. The Bible says in Ephesians that we need to be sober and vigilant b/c we have an enemy roars like a lion seeking those who he can devour, stealing, killing and destroying. Please don't think I'm letting Jodi off with this crime, just the contrary. She deserves punishment. But the real enemy of our souls worked via Jodi that day. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood....We are all vapors - here today gone tomorrow, and the older I get the more this rings true. I believe the Holy Spirit was warning Travis all along. I hear his blog had some foreshadowing. In retrospect, even that creepy pic of Jodi grabbing his neck under the waterfalls is telling. Even the Rollingstones got it right in the song Sympathy for the devil - please to meet you, hope you guess my name, but what's been puzzling you is the nature of my game; been around when Jesus had a moment of doubt and pain, made damn sure that Pilot washed his hands and sealed his fate." I'm sure just like this song, Travis Alexander was puzzled about Jodi Arias in those coming months. He didn't guess her real name. Seek God and you will find Him.


I personally feel this woman is guilty as sin and hope the jury is brighter than the one in the Casey Anthony trial. I do think Travis had tried many times to dump her, she probably pretended to be okay with that and said something to the effect of hey, that's okay, but until you find what you're looking for, why don't we just use each other. Then Travis got sick of that and really tried to dump her, she stalked and schemed exactly how to get back at him - for good. Just my idea as to what happened. So what if the guy talked to her like she was a pig. Maybe she acted like one. If she didn't like it, she dated him TWO months - she should have rolled.


Evidence against, is also, evidence for. Who's to say, she didn't try to get out of there, with the camera, and, exrated photos, to vindicate herself, of all the accusations, without, an iota of risk to herself; peeking in windows... slashing tires, twice... sending out quasireligious admonitions, to other girls, it's not likely, she even knew about ?Travis, reportedly, by his friends, gurued his influence, here and there, using all "those good little Mormon girls;" not one of which has helped to clear Jodi' or come forward, to accuse her, either... These disparities are called, reasonable doubt. With all the blood, is there one report of whose footprints, were imprinted, in the blood, which, with no gunpowder particulates, proves, in the combined blood handprint, that Jodi, dit not fire a gun. Care to bet that the crook D.A. is not concealing that minor oversight ? The claimed photos of Jodi dragging Travis to the shower, using one hand, and, taking pictures, with the other, and, using her third hand, to wield the knife, and the fourth hand, to hold the gun... still, there's the fifth hand, still bloody, after, rinsing off the body, so as to autograph the wall, to prove she was there, then, unconcerned that the cops were on the way, by the neighbor, claiming to be twenty feet away... she, nonchalantly, does the laundry; and, professional photographer, that she is, with all the vindicating photos, throws the proof, of their fun and other indoor sports, into the washing machine... What part of this, reeks of a setup; with all the office people, posing for the cat that ate the canary, smirks, photo, after their "friend," was found dead... while they all just knew, Jodi, did it; and, yet, knowing that the wicked witch of the west, , was at 130 pounds, beating up on 200 plus pounds, Travis; school wrestler, bodybuilder, fighter, not one, came to rescue him, unless they were just peeking in the window; lots of that, going around... or, too busy, slashing his tires [again].... Twilight zone, Arizona, where Just Ice, is the scam, really needs all the reasonable doubts, posted in four years, while kidnapped at law, and, held for two million dollars ransom, has been skewed, to prove the seriousness of the charges, and, the charges, pulled out of the ozone, proving, the seriousness of the ransom... psychular "reasoning." Then there's the penalty for not paying the ransom... no access to all the dozens of posted, reasonable doubts, so her right to aid in her own defense, restricts her defense, to only what the pubic pretender, brainwashes her into believing... and, you wonder why she's been programmed by her lizard at law, to broadcast her seeming guilt, by conflicting stories...??? Ever heard of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder....??? Not one shrink, has come forward, unless of course the crook D.A., is concealing that, too, while he alone defines the relevance of exculpatory evidence, and, snivels because the defense might find the needle in th haystack, computer entry, he concealed from the defense for four years... Then there's the judge... first, ruling that out of desparation, having been afflicted by the incompetencies of a pubic pretender, illegally, appointed, in a "death penalty case," Jodi tries to "re"-present herself, and the judge, rules that the lieyer she just fired, will superintend the "case." No doubt the judge, got somebodys' epiphany, and, wimped her ruling, for such absurdity, and, appointed another lieyer; ordering her to be ready in nine months to do, what took the pubic pretender, four years to screw up...A new lieyer, lizard at law, who stated that she's too busy to read about reasonable doubts, on the net... How then, is she representing, Jodi, except, by another story; carrying on the same pubic pretender soap opera...? Dozens, of reasonable doubts, in four years, have been concealed from the process, and, youse guys, call this a trial....??? . Dozens, in a legal structure that requires, one serious juror, meeting, one, as in A, reasonable doubt... How do dozens, suit you....??? And, you think you're honoring, Travis, by concealments of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but this soap opera...??? Not one of the office smirkers, contacted Travis, in five days, knowing, Jodi was with him...??? Great friends... Edgrrr...

Dennis mcshea

It's a shame that Travis died the way he one deserves that.Travis told his friends that he was tired of her and was even dating other why lead the girl on? He had total control of her...he knew she loved him and he ran with that ...this is how a Mormon lives his life? Police have records of emails and phone calls and they both were in constant contact with each other..this does not sound like something a person would do unless he just wanted to take advantage of her and have sex with and that's just what Travis did..can't blame Jodi for that because she loved him! I suppose the day he died after having sex with her and taking pictures of her naked he used this as a weapon...who's to say that Travis did not tell Jodie it's all over...leave me alone..if you don't. I will post your naked photos all over the Internet to show the world what a slut and whore you really are...he has been quoted as saying verbally abusive things before according to those emails he wrote. Don't you think this would set any woman off their rocker considering just earlier in the day he was making love to her?

@ Dennis McShea

Shut the fuck up

@ Dennis McShea

Even if he used her for sex so what? You can't murder someone because of that. She knew he was using her and consented to be with him.


From Travis Alexander's blog: "I realized the reason I wasn’t married wasn’t because the type of person I was looking for doesn’t exist but that the type of person I wanted wouldn’t be interested in me." I don't think any good Morman girls would be interested in a guy who called them a slut or whore...It's not his fault that he was murdered, but it is his fault for leading her on!

Edgar longenecker

Access the blogsites, for, all the reasonable doubts, and, read "The God Makers," for the Heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, quasireligious eternal soul saving, blood atonement, ritual, and, ascension to planet playboy, and, all those virgin angels; to do with, what got you iced for, here, on planet, evil... as if, using a future, Stepford wife, is merely a stepping stone, to get to all those virgins... to be so devout...

Edgar longenecker

Arias bias... poor reporting... What, Travis, actually said, was: "I don't know which of us is the axe murderer..." Get your facts, straight... Edgrrr...


She is so guilty it is frightening... Her defense lawyer is one big POS trying to make it like the victim was really the predator. He might not have been perfect, but to die how he did - C'mon, he obviously didn't deserve that.

@ Matt

@Matt I agree with you about her guilt , but the defense arttorney is just doing her job that she was hired to do no matter how detestable the client is . It is her job to keep try and keep this woman alive even its by portrying the lie she has been fed by her silly client. There are wholes in her story and no credible jury would buy it so she is not to blame for doing her job, its an ugly job and somebody has to do it. It is not her fault that her dumba** arrogant client wouldn't take a plea