Jennifer Lopez Worries: Will Casper Smart Leave?

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LeAnn Rimes is worried that Eddie Cibrian might cheat on her.

And Jennifer Lopez can sort of relate.

The singer opens up in the latest issue of People and initially praises boyfriend Casper Smart for helping her "heal" from her latest divorce.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Pic

But she also expresses concern over the couple's 18-year age difference, telling the magazine:

"I ask him, 'Why don't you go find a young girlfriend and get out of here? What do you want with me?' And you think, 'How long is this gone be?' You think, 'Okay, in 10 years I'm going to be like this and you're going to be like that...'

Forget 10 years from now, though. Have you seen these Jennifer Lopez bikini photos? Could Casper really do better?

And is Lopez content with the relationship? It certainly sounds that way:

"The truth is we don't know what's going to happen. We're loving this moment right now. We make each other happy."


I know right now Casper is not going any where, he's got it made with her. He's a golddigging gigolo, freeloader, a 2bit hustler with $$$$ right in front of him. I wouldn't leave either, he's getting free room and board, food, clothes, drive expensive cars, she pays for dinner dates, and free sex. You can't get any better than that. He'll probably leave her for another man if he does leave but I highly doubt it. He's old enough to be her son, they look stupid together just like Hefner and Crystal, he's 60 yrs. older than her that's even worse. Just "cuz J.Lo is a woman that don't make her less privileged.


They look the same age. I love them together. Hefner is married to Crystal with 60 yrs difference. Why dont we judge that first? Just bcos jlo is a woman does not make her less previlage. So think b4 you comment and stop being against women. You cowards!


Dude has it good with JLo. He ain't leaving.


Yes he will leave you for another man you silly twit

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