Jenelle Evans Expecting: Pregnancy Confirmed With Baby Bump Pics!

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Yup, Courtland Rogers got Jenelle Evans pregnant. It's official.

A report yesterday in Star Magazine, quoting Rogers himself, was in fact the official announcement that the Teen Mom 2 star is knocked up a second time:

Jenelle Evans Baby Bump Pics

“Me and Jenelle are so happy that she’s pregnant,” Rogers gushed to the gossip magazine. "She told me, 'I'm looking forward to a second chance."

She's due September 4. If there were any doubts about the legitimacy of Star's report, the married couple has been Tweeting up a storm as always.

Amid near-constant re-tweets of well-wishes on her pregnancy, she's posted many thoughts on - and even some early photos of - her little bun in the oven.

Some gems from her Twitter:

  • Weird...... I can still breast feed with implants..... Lol THAT will be interesting.
  • I'm 7 weeks not 4 lol
  • I have been clean for 2 months.
  • Awake, morning sickness.
  • Just sneezed like 8 times in a row and then coughed 3 times then everything came up and out. :/ ughhhh...
  • I'm awake, if course... Lol. Went to bed at like 5:30pm yesterday !! WOW
  • I cannot stress how happy I am that my family and my new family accepts me. They see us both clean and happier then ever!

A couple from Courtland Rogers, too:

  • Goodnight twitter!!! I just got done rubbing jenelles stomach until she fell asleep now it's bedtime for me :) Goodnight
  • I am FINALLY going to get this chance!!! #excited and I love u so much @PBandJenelley_1

Guess we know he's seen Jenelle Evans nude at least once.


She is a skanky whore who doesn't respect her mom and can't even take care of her own son, she doesn't need another helpless life in those drugged up arms of hers, idc if she's clean, jace has seen her smoke weed and crap. So irresponsible and very slutty


so nice pic


Great another kid her poor mother can raise. She doesnt even take care of the one she already has. How dare she......just awful. Unfortunately its the children that will suffer.


Bottom of the barrel


Look at that nasty dirty bathroom and the bathroom door off the hinges...yeah she's ready for another defenseless little human to take care of....

@ Noe

That was my first thoughts too! She cant take care of herself, shes a pig. that kid is going to be sick all the time!


Why is Teen Mom even a show? The kids on the show have been married, divorced, and popping out kids by the time they are 20. They need parential guidance, not a TV show....


Oh goody the drugged out tramp has another baby her mother can raise.

@ critic

you are correct.

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