Jenelle Evans Miscarriage: Teen Mom 2 Star Loses Baby, Report Claims

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As many feared after her hospitalization just eight weeks into her pregnancy, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans reportedly suffered a miscarriage early Friday.

Jenelle Evans Sad

“Jenelle lost the baby this morning,” a friend of hers tells celeb gossip site Radar Online, and her Twitter, while not saying so explicitly, certainly suggests as much.

The 21-year-old has has a tumultuous two weeks, to say the least.

Since announcing she was pregnant, she's accused her husband of cheating, said she's getting a divorce, filed assault charges against him, and been hospitalized.

“She’s sad and upset, but she’ll make it through,” the friend said.

Following Courtland Rogers' wild night out boozing Sunday - which he admits (he denies cheating or assaulting her) the couple's 51-day marriage imploded.

The MTV star’s friend said she hasn’t spoken to her estranged husband at all today and so he hasn’t been told about Jenelle Evans' miscarriage yet.

If he reads Twitter, however, he'll get a sense of what's going on:

Jenelle Tweeting

Reading between the lines, and given the stress she's been under over the past five or six days, it seems like Radar's report is probably legitimate.

We wish it wouldn't be, but that's the impression we get.

For those unfamiliar, the man referenced in several of her recent Tweets is Gary Head, who was engaged to Jenelle last year before she married Rogers.

He denies they're physically involved - as Rogers has already implied - but he's clearly back in her life, for better or worse. She's pretty open about that.

Here's wishing her the best in this difficult time.


Just give her time. She'll be expecting again in few weeks. Too bad she's allowed to bring children into the world, but, well, it's a free country, right?

@ Jeanne

If she keeps popping out illegitimate kids and being with worthless guys it keeps her on MTV and with a paycheck. BUT...better MTV pay her than our tax dollars....or is she getting government assistance too?

@ Kellie

She probably is.


It's common knowledge that drugs (especially heroin)and fetuses really don't mix so well.


IF there was a baby, heaven is the best place for him. It is hell on earth with these people(?) as parents. It all could be just hype--who knows. DIRTBALLS one and all.


I do not give a damn why do you make stars of young girls that have sex ouside of marriage. Enough take this shit off TV some nice girl will get pregnant to get a show on TV.


I initially doubted that the pregnancy was genuine as well, but agree that law enforcement would have to confirm that she was pregnant in order to bring charges against Courtland related to the fetus. I have two theories. (1) She wasn’t pregnant and the sonogram was of one of her cysts. Additionally, when she went to press charges, they didn’t do a pregnancy test then but intended to at a later time (I doubt this would’ve been the case). Having a “miscarriage” now would cover the original lie and the lie to law enforcement. However, if she truly is suffering significant blood loss today, it supports my 2nd theory. (2) She was, in fact, pregnant but chose to have a medical abortion. She could’ve obtained the medication when she was “in the hospital” earlier in the week and then taken it at home. Medical abortions are followed by (sometimes extremely heavy) bleeding and other symptoms similar to those she is experiencing (cramping, nausea, etc). Additionally, you have to go in for follow up appointments after a medical abortion, which could be what she was at the hospital for today. If she truly is experiencing a miscarriage, that’s sad for her (but probably fortunate for the fetus). It’s the fact that she live-tweeted it and now is posting things like, “@joejoebeall21:@realshyt6 @gary_head @PBandJenelley_1 ps3”once we get out of the hospital” on Twitter that makes the whole thing seem like a total lie.

@ lavlaw

How do you know that she is in fact bleeding heavily?

@ Kellie

Because Gary Head was tweeting up a storm, giving a play by play of the likely phantom miscarriage.



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