Jason Wu: Michelle Obama Inaugural Ball Dress Designer, Take Two!

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First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama wore a gorgeous gown to the Inaugural Ball on Monday night, one designed by none other than Jason Wu.

Wu also dressed Michelle for her first Inaugural Ball four years ago!

Jason Wu Dress (Michelle Obama Inaugural Ball 2013)

A far cry from the one-shouldered white gown Michelle wore in 2009, the high halter neck and the rich red color really helped this one stand out.

The high-waisted belt is also one of the FLOTUS' trademark looks.

Her new bangs, Jimmy Choo shoes and a Kimberly McDonald ring made her a vision on the evening of President Barack Obama's inauguration.

What do you think of Michelle Obama's Jason Wu dress?

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This crummy article didn't reveal the most important thing about what she was wearing.. What did she make 'We The American Taxpayer ' pay for this dress?
FYI to Linda; The dress doesn't make her look plump.....SHE IS PLUMP!


All you ever remember about Moochie is eyeballs, teeth, & armpits. No dress or dust-mop hairdo can change that.


I did like Michelle Obama's red dress, so much better than in "2009". I thought the President & Mrs. Obama looked so much better this Inauguration, compared to 4 years ago. Loved her hair. But the only thing that bothers me about her is, her legs seem wide side apart. Something seems awkward when she walks. And also the President Cannot DANCE. lol Totally love them anyhow.....

@ charlene

She looks very heavy; and I feel she is trying to look like Kerry Washington. The gown is lovely, however.


Another drapery dress...All her lcothes not only look the same, whoever uses the same drapery looking material = Gone With The WInd!! This dress looks like curtains from an Asian buffet. The boots she tromped through the capital with look like ones from Prettty Woman!
Maybe there is a movie theme going on all the time!! BTW sitting with family in a white and ?striped dress with legs apart----nasty!


OMG!!!ANother "drapery dress". Every dress looks the same and teh material always looks like someone lost their window dressing = Gone With The WIndow, more like Carol Burnetss impersonation. The video of her and the Pres. where she has a white and blue striped dress on-same short sweater, same drapery lokking material sitting with her legs apart----good Lord!

@ Ann

omg ann! i thought the same thing about carol burnett!!!! too funny!

@ Ann

The best dressed First Lady was Nancy Reagan. Michelle should have worked with Valentino because he knows how to design all types of gowns. Not impressed was Michelle's first ball gown and then this one because they looked like gowns you could buy off the rack and neither one of them flattered her.


The gown is a beautiful colour but, oh dear it does make the glorious Mrs.Obama look rather plump.


Both of their expressions looked like they were saying We pulled off the 1st four term, NOW you stupid Americans "Look at all those SUCKERS who have no clue yet what we have destroyed & now we can dig in w/ our claws, suck everything out of the idiots, they will not even realize it for years, cause they are SO DUMB yuk, yuk

@ Sally

I agree

@ Anne

Anne, It is PITIFUL, that humans can not see through this "EVIL MAN'S AGENDA"!!¡¡¡¡!!!???¿???¿?¿?

@ Sally

i agree with sally........

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