Happy 31st Birthday, Adam Lambert!

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One of the most popular American Idol contestants of all-time celebrates a milestone today.

Adam Lambert turns 31 years old and, having recently parted ways with his record label, the entertaining singer could use all the birthday wishes you've got. Send them in right now!

Adam Lambert Rockin

Lambert made headlines last year and early this year when he offered up a blistering critique of Les Miserables, specifically the singing abilities of that movie's main stars.

But his outspokenness is a major reason why viewers fell in love with Lambert in the first place, isn't it?

In honor of the birthday boy, we present the following Adam Lambert photo montage and we send this artist our vest best:

Adam Lambert in the UK
Adam Lambert Instinct Cover
A Lambert Look
Adam Lambert at the Grammys
In New Zealand
Adam on Fire
Performing Star
For a Good Cause

Adam parted ways with 19 Recordings. He's still with RCA records and planning a 3rd album with them. Get your facts straight as this article reads like Adam needs a pity party on his Birthday and that couldn't be farther from the truth.


Nice sentiment, dude, but Adam wasn't dropped from his record label. His contract with 19R expired, and was not renewed. Whether one party or both declined to continue the relationship is not known, but I doubt Adam is unhappy to see the last of 19R, given that he left 19M at the first opportunity to find other management. He's still with RCA, and is already in discussions with the label about his third album. That being said...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADAM!


Do you get anything straight, Adam is still with RCA records, he has not parted ways with them. He was with RCA 19,19 is a management groupe that gets these kids, soon as they are in the finals they are now partnered with core entertainment something like that! They use to get these kids sign contract ten years, they were sued it went to 4 years, it was ten first 5 years idol. Adam devested himself of them Asa management groupe 18 months ago 19, he has same management as Katy Perry now! He was still stuck with them, 18 month, he Adam Lberts himself chose not to resign, because all they were doing is taking a large portion of 6 or 7 albums he put out, studio, mixes and cd! They were also causing problems as a middle man between him and his record company RCA! He only left 19, not RCA, and it is a good thing! He celebrated his liberation few days ago from Isol ties. Thaw were a management groupe not a record comp. he stii very much with RCA, and working on new third album, starting world tour feb., get your facts straight! Sue

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