Cutting for Bieber: Exposed as 4Chan Hoax!

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You can relax now, Miley Cyrus. We've all been had.

In light of the Justin Bieber pot smoking scandal, a Twitter campaign titled "Cutting for Bieber" had allegedly cropped up, with fans expressing their disappointment in the singer by self-mutilating.

Among other stars, Cyrus has spoken out against the troubling movement.

Justin Bieber for Victoria's Secret

But new reports confirm this trend was nothing but a hoax created by 4Chan, a social media site with a history of pranks.

4Chan is also responsible for a fake Morgan Freeman diatribe against the media, as well as the rumor in October that Bieber had cancer.

So well played, 4Chan. Except for the part where you exploited a legitimate illness and spread the idea of self-injury as a method of expression.

Melissa rafferty

Actually fans were cutting themselves. Not Bieber.


This is some really half ass reporting.
I'm going to cut myself because of it.


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