Chris Brown: Cheating on Rihanna With Sommer Gargan?

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Rihanna and Chris Brown looked happier than ever celebrating Christmas Day together at the Lakers game, then New Year's Day snuggled up in bed.

As usual, however, drama is never far from the controversial couple.

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Just before Christmas, he jetted off to Paris with ex Karrueche Tran, and allegedly banged French reality star Ayem Nour with Karrueche's permission.

Now, he's also been linked to Sommer Gargan. Whoever that is.

“He slept with her two different times at his recording studio,” an insider tells celebrity gossip magazine In Touch of Gargan, a blonde executive assistant.

This wasn't a one-off foreign booty call like Nour, either. After meeting through mutual friends, “They’ve been texting ever since ... even when he’s with Rihanna.”

Day. Um.

After a long period of speculation, Rihanna and Chris Brown resumed their friendship-turned love affair in earnest this fall after he broke up with Karrueche.

They're clearly exchanging bodily fluids again ... the question is whether it's monogamous. Particularly on Chris' side. Guy seems to be available whenever.

If In Touch's story is true ... talk about a cruel Sommer. Sorry.

Fittingly, Rihanna and Chris released a HOT duet together called "Nobody's Business" this fall, reportedly all about their tumultuous relationship.

We're guessing that would be their response to this story.

Sven erlandson

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hahahahaha, please Stop with informing us about these kids!!


Stop the presses! CB is banging everything in sight. WTF cares???


good begining of year.........


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Ok, First of all we are all stupid because we are feed this buzz, something that Robyn and Christopher are expecting to. Second of all involving God's name in this story is such a blaspheme. Eventually, if we really want to codemn their attitudes, just let's not read theirs news on social networks or newspapers... one word: boycott.


All of you all are all hypocrites. Where was the outrage when Charlie Sheen was beating all his wives? Cricket…
Leave CB alone. I just love it when you wish for someone's relationship to fail. God doesn't answer those kinds of prayers. Rihanna and Chris, continue to do you and don't let the salty media and the hypocritical, judgemental fans who don't know the meaning of the word forgiveness dictate your lives.
Why do you not post about Chris's charity Symphonic Love? Oh yeah, that doesn't sell stories but it's your daily lies that do.

@ joel

PREACH!!! Agreed 1000%


Hi - How can you cheat if you're single? Chris publicly stated that he's single. He hasn't publicly stated otherwise.

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