Chandra Levy Case: Ingmar Guandique Conviction May Be Thrown Out

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It took years to find and convict Ingmar Guandique, the apparent killer of Chandra Levy. But now his conviction could be thrown out, according to reports.

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Prosecutors now say that Guandique was convicted of Levy's 2001 disappearance and murder with the help of a witness whose credibility is now in doubt.

Citing safety concerns raised, the judge issued a gag order.

Susan Levy, Chandra Levy's mother, said this week, "The attorneys cannot even go in along with the people who are reporters or news people."

The case is so shrouded in secrecy, not even Levy's parents know the details.

Robert Levy, Chandra's father, said, "Whether they have to have a new trial or have another suspect, or whatever, we don't know. They can't tell us because it's secret."

When Levy, a beautiful young woman from California who became a Capitol Hill intern, mysteriously vanished, suspicion fell on her Congressman paramour, Gary Condit.

One year later, her remains were found in Rock Creek Park.

While Condit was never charged, his political career ended.

Ingmar Guandique was convicted years later, in 2010, despite the fact that it was a case without any physical evidence linking him to the crime.

But two women said he attacked them in Rock Creek Park around the time Levy disappeared, and a jailhouse snitch claimed Guandique confessed to the crime.

His defense attorneys now accuse prosecutors of withholding the new information; Ingmar Guandique has always maintained his innocence.

Robert Levy said, "He's a convicted rapist and an illegal alien."

"He's not legal at all or working or anything. He's just a criminal, so he shouldn't go free. But if he's innocent of murder then he shouldn't be in jail for it."

Susan Levy echoed that sentiment, saying, "No matter what goes on, our daughter is dead. It doesn't really matter except that they get the right person."


Please note that with same timing as Jonbennet's, the Chandra Levy case has also been reopened. The common element is that the Denver police have never revealed the list of the attending politicians at that party, and the DC police never the list of adjoining apartment dwellers for Chandra. Yet both share much the same MO, even with Laci Peterson to some degree. Above all, the massive damage to the head (when found), damaged or missing sexual parts and appendages (When the body was dismembered) and a a very politically powerful man who has been suspect in all of these and many more "Sexual embarrassment disposal service" cases, the Gary Condits (pl). They usually operate together, but sometimes singly, as I witnessed in US Army MI in1977 when Condit was a roommate of mine overseas and just starting his services to infiltrate Congress. Condit reportedly has kinky S&M sexual inclinations (He showed me whip marks on his back) while it's said that he and (Pedophile?) Ramsey were "Friends." Scott Peterson was reported as having contacted a motorcycle gang for a hit on his wife, and Condit is the only Congressman in history to be a Hell's Angel member
Condit's wife is a veterinarian familiar with dosages and scalpels, explaining the missing teddy bear (when getting tucked in; but offered unliked pineapple juice with horse tranquilizer, so not dosed enough - a violent struggle in the basement, instead of sexual torture through repeat strangling almost to death?) One note the police can verify - Mrs. Condit takes a perverse glee in leaving no nicks on the bones, just to baffle them. Read "The Conduit (sic) Transcript" chapter in BRED TO BE A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE enovel I have on Kindle for many more overlapping details. The political timing must be right for this to be coming back to the fore, now. With renewed attentions to Condit, it will lead back to Dick Cheney - And 9/11. rickahyatt


You may learn more about the particulars of the Ingmar Guandique case by searching by title for the PDF version of my recent investigative article, "Chandra Levy: Victim of a Foreign-born Serial Killer - The case of iIllegal alien Ingmar Guandique." One of my key findings from reviewing the government's sentencing memorandum at the D.C. Superior Courthouse was ....Through its investigation, the government learned and confirmed that in late 1999 or early 2000, defendant’s family members raised money to send him to the United States, not to better himself, but rather, because they knew he was suspected of stabbing a woman in his village and were concerned that the victim’s family was seeking to retaliate. If true, Mr. Guandique fled El Salvador to escape prosecution or retaliation for his crime in his native county only to commit similar attacks against a number of women in his adopted country....


no bra means: Hang Loose, folks!!