Britney Spears Side Boob: HEL-LO!

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It's official. Britney Spears is no longer wearing her engagement ring.

Or a lot of fabric around the side of her chest, for that matter.

The newly single pop star was spotted out in public in L.A., showing off her newly ring-less finger ... and showing Jason Trawick what he's missing!

Britney Spears Side Boob Photo
Britney Spears Side Boob Picture

Brit's loose-fitting peach dress left just enough to the imagination as she exited her car. One hopes this isn't a sign of how she's coping with the split.

After all, her breakup with Kevin Federline resulted in some of the most revealing Britney Spears photos ever ... and later a severe breakdown.

Here's hoping it's a fluke.


She looks trashy because 1) her breasts are pretty much just hanging out the side of her dress, no bra, no nothing. 2) The dress she is wearing looks like cheap lingerie 3) The boots, while cute do NOT go with the cheap lingerie. 4) The cheap lingerie in NO WAY flatters her body type. She looks like she waltzed out of a red neck trailer park after a night of boozing.


OK, it's not the most elegant dress, but I don't see anything 'trashy' about her look here - she looks pretty good to me.


@ James, how do you mean she is looking old? maybe u should carry 2 times pregnancy, give births, have some ups and downs, be a single mother or father of 2 kids and also try to face the spot-light for ur carrier. Then after all these, check urself b4 u judge Brittney┬┤s look. She is looking amazing after 2 kids. Her body looks better than most men who never got pregnant. So why not just acknowlege the fact that pregnancy changes women body? She is a beautiful. Respect...


Doesn't she have people that dress her? She clearly can't dress herself. Absolutely NO fashion sense.
Being a hollywood star back in the day you wouldn't be caught dead looking like that, and a picture like this could ruin your career. Just a little self respect Britney, just a little.


You can take the girl out of the trash but you can't take the trash out of the girl.
She's picking up right where she left off before she met her fiance... and my God, her thick neck and masculine face. Don't do Meth!!! She is looking old. Another Meth run and she'll wind up looking like she's in her 60's


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MTV has long played an important role in my career. How can I not be there to kick off their 25th VMAs?

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