Brandi Glanville "Sick" Over LeAnn Rimes' Mansion, Wishes Eddie Cibrian Wed Scheana Marie Instead

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While Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes vacation in Mexico, Brandi Glanville is spending quality time with sons Mason, 9, and Jake, 5, which is great and all.

Except for LeAnn Tweeting about her ex constantly.

Brandi G Pic
Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes

"Ok I'm super excited my kids are moving into a mansion," Brandi said, "but I want to throw up in my mouth and swallow it, having to keep hearing about it."

"It's making me a little sick."

Rimes has been writing a lot about her new home in Cabo with Cibrian. "We love our home!" she tweeted Dec. 30. "Esperanza Resort. Cheers to 2013."

In Monday's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville is still coping with Cibrian's affair with Rimes, who she says wasn't his only mistress.

In fact, Brandi sorta preferred the other one, Scheana Marie.

You know, as far as young hotties to leave her for go.

When the single mom confronts Scheana, 27, she "into a crybaby!" "I wish Eddie married Scheana instead," Glanville says. "She seems more sane!"

Scheana Marie has yet to respond to these random claims.


His ex-wife is 100 million times prettier than this white trash wanna be singer.


Food for thought Leann, If he will cheat with you,he will cheat on you.


Why would anyone be reading the Tweets, Fanpage or anything else written by the new wife of your Ex? IMO that's only asking for hurt and anger...


If a person doesn't want to hear anymore about a certain issue, they should tell who is in their presence to quit bringing it up in their presence and if the children involved can't respect such wishes, that is where punishing them can come into play. God bless you always!!! Holly in East Tennessee


When it comes to the Leann, why is the media so irresponsible? Leann has been tweeting passive aggressive comments about Brandi every week, Leann even tweets to people who attack Brandi, and let's not forget how Leann continues to taunt Brandi by posting photos of her kids to her fan website(So she is making money off of images of Brandi's kids). Yet the media makes no mention of this. So when Brandi expresses any concern, she is immediately made out to be the villian. If you want to talk about a fued, then please talk about how Leann tweets about Brandi's kids out of spite, even after her fans ask to her respect Brandi. Or why was Leann tweeting to the woman from XFactor yesterday, when she knew for a fact that same woman had attacked Brandi on twitter? It's not jealousy, it's frustation because for some odd reason, the media likes to leave out the part where Leann taunts Brandi. Did you see the tweets Leann made last week?

@ Captain Obvious

People that comment on this site are incredibly biased in favor of LeAnn. I personally don't understand it. She's a homewrecker, and people make her out to be some kind of victim. If I were Brandi, I probably couldn't have handled this whole situation as gracefully as she has.


Sounds like pure jealously.... hmmmmmlame

@ Jennifer

Leann tweets about Brandi's kids 24/7, she even makes money off of their photos when she adds them to her fan website, so then by your logic, Leann tweets about Brandi's kids out of pure jealousy. The problem is that the media ignores the mean and nasty things that Leann does to Brandi on a weekly basis. This story should include all the passive aggressive comments that Leann made about Brandi last week. But then again that doesn't fit well with the victim story that the media is trying to sell, so Leann's bad actions towards Brandi are ignored.

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