Brandi Glanville Plastic Surgery Shocker: She Put WHAT on Eddie's Credit Card?!

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Brandi Glanville does not hold back.

Not only did she slash Eddie Cibrian's tires as payback for his affair with LeAnn Rimes, but she says in her new book that she charged something personal to his credit card:

Vaginal reconstructive surgery.

Brandi Glanville Bikini Picture

The latest Brandi Glanville book excerpt reveals that they would have the "most passionate sex" after their nastiest arguments during their marriage.

"I would ask Eddie from time to time if my vagina was the same after childbirth. He always said yes, except once," she admits. "He was actually quite vulgar."

Glanville's new book, Drinking and Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders, is on sale February 12. She's now making the media rounds to promote it.

Suffice it to say, between telling Rimes to go f--k herself to revealing ALL the details about her divorce, she's making the most of her heartbreak now.

Her famous feud with LeAnn and Eddie began almost immediately after the Northern Lights co-stars hooked up and broke up their respective marriages.

After the spouses' August 2009 separation, Eddie and Brandi fought bitterly over money and expenses, with Cibrian cutting off Glanville's credit card.

That's when the model resolved to charge something on his. "I decided that since Eddie ruined my vagina for me, he could pay for a new one," Glanville said.

Not long after the plastic surgery procedure, Cibrian - who wed LeAnn Rimes in 2011 - quickly discovered a glaring charge on his credit card statement.

"A week after the vaginal rejuvenation surgery," Brandi writes, "He was on the phone screaming, 'What the f--k cost you $12,000? Did you get a nose job?'"

"I responded simply, 'Yes. A nose job.' And I hung up."

Elaine david lisle

Seems this heifer doesnt mind making cash off her ex and his new wife. She is definately an opportunist who is blaming LeAnn for her ex having a wandering tool. Do you think LeAnn was his first affair? Brandi..LeAnn didnt cheat on you Eddie did so get over your hatred for need to put the blame where it belongs..on yourself and your ex. Your the one who gave in to your exhubbies sexual whimes. The minute he started asking you to do freaky things you should have own it was over.


This bitch admits to credit card fraud Eddie needs to file charges on her stupid ass. There's just no end to this crazy bitch and now she's making money off her disgusting ass. I've said it before and I'm saying it again it's no wonder he left that bitch. She hasn't gotten another man because no man in his right mind will deal with her. Getting reconstructive surgery on her vagina doesn't help her ugly ass face any.


It becomes more and more clear as glass every day that Jake and Mason are not the first thing on their mother's priority list anymore if they ever were in the first place. Therefore if she really has put sticking it to LeAnn before her own kids, they should be taken from her because children should NEVER be second to ANYTHING in the eyes of their parents!!! God bless you and LeAnn and her step sons always!!! Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of LeAnn) P.S. And trust me, I know what I am talking about here. My only regret is that I didn't wash my hands of the selfish person that I sprang from the loins of sooner. (shaking my head)


so LeAnn isn't the only one who is screwed in hollywood?


I don't even know the ugly botox witch, Brandi Glanville, but I hate her! She is such a wasted piece of crap! She can't even get the botox right in her ugly face! Wish the untalented tired old witch & her new "kitty" would just dry up and fly away!

@ Cynthia Van Arsdale

Speaking on behalf of guys everywhere. Still VERY hittable

@ Cynthia Van Arsdale

Yes Leanne, we get that you don't like Brandi, whose life and marriage you helped destroy.

@ The name does not validate

Amen. Don't touch what isn't yours!!!

@ The name does not validate

LeAnn didn't destroy Beandi's life or marriage. You can't make a happily married man cheat...and Eddie cheated on Brandi MANY times. She is obviously a miserable hag and he didn't want to be married to her anymore. You can't really blame LeAnn for that. Do you know why Brandi hasn't had a boyfriend since her divorce? Because she is one wants her!

@ Jenny

Here here Jenny I so so agree with you. Too bad Eddie hasn't sent the bitch to jail for credit card fraud and taken his children away from her before she actually hurts one or both of them. Eddie had to cheat to keep his sanity from dealing with her. Brandi is one of those people that since she's not happy she doesn't want anyone else happy..... Sooo sad for Eddie, LeAnn and his boys.

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