Brandi Glanville Book Describes LeAnn Rimes-Eddie Cibrian Affair in Hilarious Detail

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Brandi Glanville certainly isn’t holding back when it comes to slamming her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, and his new wife, LeAnn Rimes, in her new book.

Not that you'd expect otherwise, but still. She goes all-out!

Brandi in the House
Mr. & Mrs. Cibrian

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s memoir unveils new details about Cibrian and Rimes’ affair, including how Brandi found out and how Eddie responded.

In one excerpt, Glanville recounts how she was devastated upon learning of Eddie’s affair with his co-star, only to watch him deny it and seduce her.

“I’m not entirely sure how I ended up on the floor of my closet sobbing,” she writes.

“A teary-eyed Eddie found me lying there minutes later, and without saying a word, started kissing me all over ... he pulled off my workout pants and we started having sex right there."

“He swore up and down that it wasn’t true, that it was completely innocent. In that moment, it was easier to believe him, because I just couldn’t stand the thought of being without him.”

Despite Cibrian’s claims to the contrary, the model says she knew something was going on between Eddie and LeAnn, who met on the set of Lifetime's Northern Lights in 2008.

Brandi Glanville recalls in Drinking & Tweeting (available February 12):

“LeAnn had ‘accidentally’ smeared some cake frosting on her top (she was still a bigger girl and completely flat-chested at the time) and asked my husband, not realizing that I was standing behind the both of them, if he wanted lick it off her."

“This woman asked my husband if he wanted to eat frosting she’d dropped on her nonexistent chest? He hadn’t realized I was there, either, and he laughed with hungry eyes at the suggestion.”

Somewhere, LeAnn Rimes is pretending not to care about this.

Brandi says that even after he came clean, Eddie swore blind to her that “he'd never marry LeAnn, but that was just one of the countless lies he told me.”

In the end, Glanville offers this awesome parting shot:

“I would like to thank my ex-husband, Edward Cibrian, for giving me all the material I could ever need for this book and for helping me discover the strong independent woman inside of me.”

Eddie Cibrian? Served.


who is this vulgar bitch. eddie must be enthralled to have gotten rid of her ha!! i am happy for eddie and leanne. there is a difference between shit and sugar. shame she is making money off of this.

@ christieo

Do you even know what the word enthralled means? I suggest you look it up sweetie. If you are going to try to put someone down at least use correct words and spelling, it only makes you look like the vulgar bitch that you called Brandi to use poor grammar.


Not a good career move. Be a lady and take the high road.


It doesn't matter how flirtatious an office worker or bff is.... a weak man will eventually succumb. so you have 2 options, find a STRONG man or prevent all women from coming near your weak one.


This vindictive woman needs serious help. She needs to get on with her life. She is so eat up with revenge, and hate. Eddie is gone...for good. He is happy with LeAnn. Get over it.


I would even suggest watch your bff... every time she wears that tight t-shirt and slithers past your husband smiling, there could be a "signal|" between them. In other words, if the man is easily seduced, there's no hope in having any females around him!!


These three people deserve each other....move to Utah....and save three other people from bad relationships.


Never heard of Brandy Glanville. Who ever she is, she couldn't carry Leannes extra pair of high heels!

@ joenamherst

Leann is a home wrecking whore. She cheated on her husband with a married man. So are you saying that you approve of this behavior?? smfh

@ Kellie

You can't be accused of wrecking a home/marriage that was obviously over a long time ago. Eddie cheated on Brandi with another young woman for 2 yrs. If a marriage is strong with 100% love and commitment, NO ONE can get in between that. All three of them: Brandi, Eddie and LeAnn are low class.


yesss, I know.......LeANN is TOTALLY fucked up.

@ abe

Yes but Brandi didnt know that. She thought ings were fine at home, cause Eddie was good to her while they were together. That's why the woman doesn't always know. She was 100% committed, he's a man whore who knows how to manipulate and juggle multiple women. He was still cheating w/Scheana WHILE the tabloid frenzy was happening w/Leann, there no way Brandi knew her marriage was "over" two years ago. She as pregnant with her second child, they were expanding their family, etc. No on would think their marriage is over while decorating a new nursery and making plans with her husband for the future?

@ Kimmz

Sorry that was @Sunday

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