Boy Abducted in '94: Found!

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Over 18 years since he went missing, Richard Wayne Landers Jr. has been found.


Five years old in 1994 - when his paternal grandparents took him away during a custody dispute - the now-24-year old was tracked down this week in Long Prairie, Minnesota, making his mother the "happiest woman on earth" according to her husband, Richard Harter.

While Lisa Harter is yet to actually reunite with Richard, the boy's step-father said she was "jumping up and down for joy" when investigators said he had been found.

Landers' grandparents, living in a nearby Minnesota town under an alias, confirmed the identity of the child they stole so many years ago.

According to the police, they abducted him in July 1994 because they were "upset over pending court proceedings" regarding his placement.

They were charged with "interference," but that count was dismissed in 2008 after the case went cold.

However, it was reopened in September after Richard Harter turned over the Landers' Social Security card to an Indiana State Police detective.

Landers is married and expecting his first child, as authorities say there are no signs he was abused in any way.

It's unclear at the moment whether new charges will be filed against his grandparents.


Complete selfishness on the part of the grandparents. Shame on them! I hope the mother and son can recoup what was lost, even all that time he was away will NEVER be regained to them.


The mother may not have the son she raised and knew ever again. But, she can only build a new relationship with her grown son who is about to have her grandchild.


Where's his current picture what does he look like today?


so you're never to young or old to start off a new life episode, folks!!