Azealia Banks Slams Perez Hilton with Homophobic Slur, Tells Blogger to Kill Himself

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The Justin Bieber pot photos are not the only scandal making headlines this weekend.

Azealia Banks has created quite the stir on Twitter due to her feud with Perez Hilton, which stems from a post on the blogger's site about a "beef" between Banks and artist Angel Haze.

Azealia Banks on Stage

In response, Banks Tweeted:

"@PerezHilton does your butthole whistle? Like is your butthole so stretched and raggedy the air whistles when you move?"

After Perez shot back with "some of your music is cute, but your attention-seeking ways are pathetic and hurtful. You drag while others choose to uplift," Banks took the rivalry even further, writing:

"omg u should just kill yourself... Like for real. lol what a messy f****t you are."

As you might expect, this word choice resulted in major backlash against Banks, who didn't back down in her initial reply to the firestorm.

"A f****t is not a homosexual male," she Tweeted. "A f****t is any male who acts like a female. There's a BIG difference. If u listen to my music and are not offended by the word n***a.... We're not gonna go here with this f****t s**t... We're just not. Lol."

But Banks finally acquiesced to the criticism, at least somewhat, ending her portion of the back-and-forth for now with:

"My most sincere apologies to anyone who was indirectly offended by my foul language. Not sorry for Perez tho. Lol."

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Black people are the most racial on earth. I think their bitter.

@ TexasmikeTmwplanotmwplano

I believe that you're sadly mistaken Mr. Whatever your real name is. I'm a black woman and I'm not bitter at all. I have and continue to live a pretty decent life. Please do not categorize all black people that way.
It makes you come across very narrow-minded and myopic in your universal views on people of color. Hope you're not one of those types. Anyhow, have yourself a nice day and a happy new year OK!


Wow, I never heard of who she is until now but looking at her tweets I swear her head is stuck in her own ass licking it. She is so up herself. I hope Perez doesn't pay much attention to her. People like her will drag you down to her level.


Unsure who this black singer is but she was way out of line. Unreal that a black person could say such hateful homophobic slang. Perez should have called her the N word, but, of course, he is too classy (and intelligent) for that, like this train wreck ho.

@ Kareen

Didn't anyone teach you that saying hatefilled angry things doesn't get an intelligent response, it only further perpetuates a negative stereotype brought on by clueless Unintelligent harpy racist jackasses such as yourself....You inbred hick!

@ My Two Cents...

This coming from the person spewing the most hatefilled angry things on this thread! Pot-kettle-black.


@Mike, oh so 2 wrongs do make a right.... idiot.


What an ignorant nigger. Offence intended. Kill yourself or go back to Africa. Oh, sorry if that offended other African-Americans but not you.

@ Mike

This is why the powers that be should have better funding to keep the loonybins over at longview to keep Foul ass red neck bastards like you from ever escaping! Why don't you go back to hell hillbilly cracker Jack.

@ Mike

i agree with this comment. this singer was way out of line and a complete mess. i would say people should boycott her music but i have no idea who this beyotch even is. i guess she is seeking her 5 minutes, stupid ho.

@ Mike

Don't get down to her level. She's ignorant and so is her so is her music. Had it been Perez that called her a nigger, they would have crucified him for it. Nigger is to blacks as faggot is to gays. They've both hurtful and degrading. No one should ever be called either.