Anna Burns Welker: Sorry for Bashing Ray Lewis!

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Anna Burns Welker would like to apologize for calling out Ray Lewis as a terrible human being.

The wife of Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker Facebookd in frustration after her husband's team fell to the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game Sunday, telling followers that Lewis has six children by four women and was accused of murder many years ago and should NOT be celebrated simply because he's retiring.

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She has since deleted the Tweet and offered up this mea culpa:

"I'm deeply sorry for my recent post on Facebook.  let the competitiveness of the game and the comments people were making about a team I dearly love get the best of me. My actions were emotional and irrational and I sincerely apologize to Ray Lewis and anyone affected by my comment after yesterday's game.

"It is such an accomplishment for any team to make it to the NFL playoffs, and the momentary frustration I felt should not overshadow the accomplishments of both of these amazing teams."

Which of them do you think will win the Super Bowl? The 49ers or Ravens?


I second Carlos. The facts are the facts.


Talk about sore losers! First of all I don't think Anna read the Wikipedia profile for Ray Lewis because she got it wrong. If she had read it I am sure she would have also mentioned the 1000s of children he has helped through his foundation, his extremely giving nature and his extraordinary career. How come she did not mention the unsportsman like KICK from Tom Brady or remind us all that he was dating the model while still married to his pregnant wife? She's living in a glass house. I also am looking forward to when all Ray's boys are old enough to play. What a great defensive line! Go Ravens!


ray lewis DID father 6 kids by four different women, and he WAS charged with murder! those are facts! so i agree with her - ray lewis should not be celebrated. he is a football player, period. not a hero by any strtch of the imagination.