American Idol Season 12: Who is Your Favorite Judge?

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And... American Idol Season 12 is off!

The highest rated show on television returned last night, with new panelists Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban joining Randy Jackson in New York City.

Did a few singers stand out? Sure. But did Nicki and Mariah openly feud Oh, heck yes!

American Idol Season 12 Judges

The judges argued about accessories; Minaj grew angry when Carey bragged about "All I Want for Christmas." They interrupted each other, they rolled their eyes, Nicki irritated Mariah by talking in a British accent.

It was somewhat awkward and mostly awesome to watch.

But which of these divas made the best impression? Or does that honor fall to classy Keith Urban? It's early, but vote now: Who is your favorite new judge?


Keith is class act ... still enjoy Randy ... Mariah is Mariah and then there is everyone is a racist foul mouth no talent loudmouth that needs to go from the US! As long as they keep the pinkhaired no talent creep I'll watch something else!


Where's Paula Abdul when you need her? no, seriously, Niki was quite a surprise - I liked her and I was 100% positive I would not (shows you not to judge lol)


Well, I agree that Minaj was wonderful and seemed caring and human .... I loved Carey when the time she did the album "Daydream" back in the 1995.
After that....mmm and yes, she seems to be the highest mother goose, her face had no impressions at all, should it be Amused ? Sad ? Sympathetic ? Disgusted ? Her face translates " poor thing " . While Minaj, shows more of the emotions and she's very entertaining and surprisingly human !
I had mixed feeling about Minaj before but not now, I like her ! I still tune in AI ...


When Nicki puts a wig on, she gets stupider..Idol needs to make a clause she go with the long blonde hair. Which for Nicki is the real Nicki. The band hat was o.k.!!


I cannot stand Mariah Carey. She thinks she is the greatest. UGH...She hasn't changed her ways. Forever the Diva. YUK. As for Nicki M. I was kind of surprised that she was almost human. I did like her better than Mariah Carey. She seemed to care more for the contestants, & wasn't into herself like Carey was. As for Keith Urban, always a class act. Randy Jackson always the same. No comment. This show seems boring. Same old same old.


The show has become a joke. Haven't watched in years because of the nasty critical judging.


wow, i totally agree. minaj was surprisingly very sweet and funny. carey acted like her ---- doesn't smell. i was totally put off by her and i thought she was going to be fantastic. don't like her much at all after watching last night. also, i found AI very boring. not like it used to be. i may even decide not to watch it like i used to. miss simon and the old times. the singers also were crap.

@ christieo

It wasn't boring..but they should have let the blonde with the guitar from Queens, was it..go through....


I tuned in wanting to dislike Minaj and like Carey but Minaj came across as someone in touch with the real world and Carey did not. Carey clearly believes she's a diva. Sad. Props to Minaj.

@ pattayarag

This is my EXACT thoughts on this.


I like the not so black one :)

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